Wednesday, February 28, 2007

7 Months Week 3- Music Class

On Wednesdays we go to "Music Together" in NE Portland and sing and dance for 45 minutes with other babies. MaryBeth, our instructor, is a super sweet little lady that plays the autoharp and leads us through fun songs.

Hazel & Patrick
Benjamin & Marquez
MaryBeth our instructor and her "baby bear"
Carson & Kinley with their egg rattles
Carson & Mommy
Drum time!
Look! I'm on my own!

Do you think Kinley is watching me?! She's pretty cute!

7 Months Week 3- Naked Crawling

Carson does his best work in the nude! Don't know what motivates him but he learns much faster in the buff! So here is an evening of crawling practice. Notice the "exciting"items placed strategically around the room to entice him.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Random Adorable Pictures

We were shopping at the mall last week and ran into a co-worker who snapped a few pics with her cell phone. What a cutie!

7 Months Week 3- Milestones!

Carson is making so much progress this past two weeks. He is pulling himself up from sitting to standing by holding on to the tray on the new padded coffee table. He can pull himself into a crawl position and move about two small scootches before falling back down. He spins circles and circles on his tummy.

In music class he entertained everyone by standing up and hitting the drum with one hand while holding on to it with the other hand. We are always letting him go and letting him stand without holding onto him. He can last several seconds, sometimes longer than others. He is starting to cruise along the couch and can bend over to pick up a fallen toy.

We caught him saying "da da" on the baby monitor before falling asleep one night and could hardly contain our excitement. However, he has yet to do it in front of us ;-) He is getting more vocal and says something that sounds a lot like "Heyyyyyy Youuuuuu Guysssssss" from the movie Goonies. We die laughing every time it happens.

No teeth yet but he's working hard on them. Still sleeping through the night other than our vacation, not being in his crib was not great for him. He eats more than most babies and we can't seem to satisfy him! I feel so badly for the cashier every time I come through with thousands of baby food jars, as he goes through 5 a day!

We started Baby Sign Language class last week and he wasn't really interested in sitting still. In fact, he never really sits still. Quite an active little baby! We're working on the signs for milk, eat, all done, and more. Daddy keeps trying the daddy sign but no success yet!

I have been sick for 6 days now and am very worried that Carson is going to come down with it before we leave for Hawaii on Friday . . . that could put a damper on our vacation! We'll see!

7 Months Week 2- Presidents Day Weekend

We traveled to the Broken Top golf community in Bend for our annual President's Day Weekend vacation. Keep in mind when this trip started in 2001, it was three couples that spend the entire weekend, skiing, drinking, and hot-tubbing. No children! It has changed over the years and now the crew consists of 4 young boys, a baby girl due in May, and a 16 year old young man(who missed the trip this year).

We divided our time between Fisher Price, pack n plays, and feeding meals which is quite messy! We had a terrific time, enjoying almost 60 degree weather on Saturday and snow on Sunday! Even managed to sneak in a little wine and hot tubbing!

The crew! Raders-Jeremy, Kristin, & Carson; Clarys- Tony, Kristi, Cade, & Kellen; Mosleys-Dan, Kari, Lucas, and baby girl yet to be named.
Enjoying the swing together!
The boys! Carson 7 months, Lucas 2 years, Cade 4.5 years, Kellen 1 year

More swing time! Brr . . . it's only 32 degrees out!

Baby boys bathing together!
Tony's "eating" Carson and making him crack up out of control!

Mommy & Carson!
I really wish you'd stop trying to make me eat chunky avacado!

Here's how you use this thing! Hit it as hard as you can and hope that something happens!
Killer blue eyes!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

7 Months Week 1 - Portrait Time

Once again I found myself at Picture People, using coupons as my excuse to sneak in! The results are adorable and only cost $5!! I don't know how they make any money! It was fairly difficult to take the pictures because Carson can't smile without putting his hand in his mouth! So inbetween each shot, I hold his hand down until the last second possible and then fling myself backward out of the photo. Virtually impossible to do but I think we captured a few cute moments!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

7 Months Week 1- Bye bye Coffee Table!

My mommy decided that our coffee table is too dangerous for my precious little face. She muttered something under her breath that sounded like, "Finally, it took a baby to get rid of this dang table!" But then she told me she was worried about me cracking my skull open on the iron legs and poking my eyes out on the sharp wood corners. I'm not sure but I think she was smiling as she carried the table off to the barn. I wonder if I'll ever see it again? Now I have these super soft, squishy cube things that are great for drooling on and pounding.

My tounge is longer than yours!
If I blow hard enough, maybe my head will grow.
Watch me turn around to the couch and then back to the cube!

Oops! That wasn't part of the plan!
Jackson, stop licking my drool and help me up!

7 Months Week 1- Best Friends

Our mommies shop at the same store and treat us like dolls, dressing us up for a fashion show!

Luka and I were pretty surprised that we both look so fashionable!Luka is my best friend! I'm not sure if he is trying to hug me or eat my ear!
Prior to the fashion show we tried to steal each other's binkies!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Visiting Great-Grandpa Bride

We surprised Great-Grandpa Bride with a visit on Saturday. Much to our surprise, Aunt Maxine, Cousin Tracy, and Cousin Tatum were visiting as well. We all had a grand time!

Random Cute Pictures & Swimtrunk Show!

We leave for Hawaii in three weeks and couldn't resist snapping a few pics of Carson in his swimtrunks! How are the ladies going to resist him?

Showing off my bottle holding skills, or should I say skill, because it's limited to laying on my back.
I have big shoes to fill . . . Daddy's!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Super Bowl

Grandpa & Grandma Rader spent Super Bowl Sunday with their beloved grandson! He entertained us all, since the game was a bust! Actually I have no idea what happened in the game, I just watched the commercials!!

Comfy couch, yummy appetizers, and good company!

Now we know who I really look like!
I love dill pickles and someone told me it helps my teething pains!I think I sucked all the juice out, more please!

How Old is Carson?

How Old is Keaton?