Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life is already better

Huge improvement in just four days! With a lot more attention, a lot more positive and gentle (aka no angry border-line yelling) guidance, and consistent ignorance of less than desirable behavior, we are all a much happier family.

Carson had a great four days. Not that there weren't moments of frustration (at one point Jeremy texted me from downstairs that it sounded like a war zone with both boys crying as I was trying to get out the door) but overall much improvement.

The nice, warm spring days are helping greatly! This time of year in Oregon I think is difficult for most kids who've been trapped indoors for several months. Carson was able to get outside and help his Nana plant her garden today and then dug in the dirt for another hour after that.

I forgot to mention that we had a BLAST at the skatepark two weekends ago. Carson took his balance bike and rocked the bowl! He was amazing! He begged and pleaded for elbow and knee pads after seeing some of the older kids with them. He also asked for a "medium skateboard".

I did buy him the pads and "skate shoes" but draw the line at a skateboard. Instead I'm shopping Craig's List for a Razor scooter with two wheels to replace his training scooter with three wheels :)

But alas, our wonderful week might have a kink in it. He has a fever today and a nasty cough so we might be watching a lot of tv tomorrow while he recooperates. He is not a happy guy when he's sick. Who is really?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Delayed Sibling Jealousy

Where, oh where, did our sweet Carson go? He has been replaced by a blond haired, blue eyed raging, bi-polar monster.

The last few weeks have been awful. Just plain awful.

Crying, lots of crying. Arms crossed, head down.

NO! NOOOOOO! NO! Lots of NO's.

Many incidents of "wet noodle", for those not familiar with this phenomenon, a 35 pound boy collapses on the floor in an attempt to delay time-out. It is getting increasing difficult to pick him up like a sack of potatoes and carry him up a flight of stairs. Nor is it fun.

There have been two spankings. One from each of us. It was a last resort but got results. Not fun. For anyone.

We are pretty sure the root cause is jealousy. We are both very busy with work. Keaton gets a lot of attention. We're neck-deep in the remodel. And have very, very little patience left.

So the easiest way to get attention, even if it is negative, is to act out.

So this week, we're trying a new tactic. Actually an old tactic but remembering to use it is key.

Stay calm. Ignore the offensive behavior. Or just say, "Oh bummer, looks like you need some alone time in your room".

AND paying more attention to Carson. Playing with toys, reading books, putting puzzles together.

Leaving the laundry in the basket, the dishes in the sink, and dinner will be a little late.

There just isn't enough time in the day to get it all done. But they are only young once and I would hate to miss out on it because you don't get that time back.

I know life will get easier. Things will balance out.

And already our sweet, loving Carson is getting back to his cute self.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bad bad blogger

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. By the time I have time to blog at the end of the day, my brain has about 1% left. My sanity is down to about 75%.

Tomorrow we are headed to California to introduce Keaton to my family. Very excited! It's truly a family trip, my sister, mom, and dad, and I are taking the boys. The "big" boys (Jeremy and Jeff) are staying home this time. Should be a blast!

Today was Carson's third dentist appointment. I've been dreading it for the last two weeks based on how terribly the second appointment went. I even considered canceling the appointment and rescheduling with a pediatric dentist but never got around to it.

Today was a nightmare. Carson was awful. I won't go into the details but I went from being furious with him to wanting to cry. Debbie, a dear friend, and our dental hygenist, went above and beyond, staying though her lunch hour trying to get Carson to cooperate. I was ready to quit 10 minutes into it and she stuck it for an entire hour.

I really don't know what to do next. Pediatric dentist or keep trying at my dentist. I welcome any and all opinions!!

Keaton continues to be the happiest baby on earth. The kid never stops smiling. If he is fussy, just pick him up and he bursts into a smile. The most hilarious part is when he gets so happy and his body gets so tense, it's like he's about to burst, literally. He looks like his head is going to explode! It just makes us laugh harder which makes him even happier.

He has been a terrible cat-napper lately. So by the end of the evening, he is a zombie. It's not uncommon for him to be asleep for the night by 6 pm. It's especially hard on the days I don't get to spend with him or the days Daddy or Nana or Poppa get home late because we don't get to hang out with him.

But bless his heart, he sleeps soundly until 5:45-6:15 am. I love it!

We're still waiting for him to sit up and roll over (sounds like a dog) but he takes his own sweet time to do things. That's just fine.

Pictures to follow soon! We're seriously lacking in the photography department!!

How Old is Carson?

How Old is Keaton?