Saturday, January 27, 2007

6 Months -Week 3

No pictures this week but we did attend our first "Music Together" class. Poor Carson, the only songs he's ever heard are 1. "A, B, C, D . . ." 2. If You're Happy and You Know It (Which at night becomes If you're sleepy and you know it), and 3. Pat-A-Cake. And none of those songs are on tone or pitch. I'm suprised he doesn't actually cry when I sing!

Even though I was a teacher and a daycamp instructor, I have trouble "being silly" so when the super sweet, tiny little earth grandmamma instructor began chanting and waving handkerchiefs around, I really had to step outside my comfort zone. Carson was absolutely facinated by her and couldn't take his eyes off her. Along with 7 other babies, we shook eggs filled with rice, we chanted, we waved handkerchiefs, we danced (which required the grapevine! Haven't done that since 5th grade PE Class!), and in general had a good time.

Carson has always hated lying on his back so for several of the songs he voiced his displeasure! A little embarrassing but everyone laughed.

Speaking of voicing displeasure, Carson has really discovered his "likes and dislikes" this week. He is very, very vocal about what he wants. In addition, he squirms like crazy if he isn't happy. He shot off the end of the changing table and scared the heck out of me! Fortunately I caught him just in time. His mobile had to be raised several notches after I discovered an innocent donkey clenched in Carson's victorious little fist. The music was distorted and the motor for the wheel was straining against his strength!

The "unswaddling" of our son has been TERRIFIC!! He has slept through the night every night since we stopped swaddling him last Friday. WE are in 7th heaven!!

The new "big boy" car seat has its pros and cons! Carson does enjoy the room to move around and my back doesn't hurt nearly as much However, I did have to sit in the Fred Meyer parking lot for 45 minutes waiting for Carson to wake up since I just pull out the car seat anymore.

Our gym doesn't take babies until they're 6 months old so we started going this week. Carson seems to like watching the other kids play and the daycare ladies really light up when we show up. Now I'm trying to find daycare for him 1-2 days a week so I can get some work done. However, daycare is REALLY expensive! Kindercare has a spot for him but I'm not as excited as I'd hoped I'd be. We'll see how it goes.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Week 28- Wild Night Out

On Friday at Carson's 6 month check up, he weighed in at a whopping 20 pounds and measured 29 inches long! That made it officially time to install his new "big boy" carseat. I only had two questions for the doctor.

1. My son is eating us out of house and home! Can he overeat? - The answer is no, babies can eat all they want, let him have more . . . so I stopped at Costco on the way home for the industrial size box of baby food!

2. My son is the only 6 month old on the block still being swaddled at night to sleep! What do we do? - Our doctor looked amused and said, "There is no medical reason why he shouldn't be swaddled buuuuuut he really shouldn't be swaddled." So being the tough love parent that I am (did I mention that we shopped at JoAnn Fabric just last weekend for material to make a swaddle blanket large enough to fit our mammoth son), that very night I cut him off from his swaddle cold turkey!

Mirculously, I woke up feeling very refreshed the next morning. Hmm, what a strange feeling, how, why? Oh my gosh! Carson slept the entire night through! Sure enough he was a cozy little bug in his crib!

The next night I was cautiously optimistic but had lingering doubts. Probably just a fluke because Carson has slept through the night before but rarely two nights in a row! So I kissed him goodnight, layered his two blankies on him and shut the door. Once again, I woke up quite suddenly in the morning realizing that I hadn't left my bed since 10 pm! Carson's room was quite silent so I finally went in to check on him.

What I saw made me laugh so hard that I woke him up! I left Carson in the middle of his crib. What I found was a baby who looked like he'd fallen into bed after a wild post Golden Globes party! Completely squished up in the opposite direction at the far end of the crib. Head stuck in the corner of the crib (thank God I didn't listen to the nurse who said to take out the bumpers or he might have experienced permanent skull grill marks) One sock was missing, found later underneath his ear. Blankets tossed aside, and strangely enough, his pajamas were half unzipped! This was somewhat reminiscent of the aftermath of last year's Christmas party! See for yourself!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Week 28- Standing Solo in Cowboy Boots

Carson was quite the "Ladies Man" when he hosted Mom's Group today. Four adorable little 6 month old girls surrounded him with glee. At first he was bashful but quickly began showing off by jumping in place and twirling his binkie before expertly placing it in his mouth. Then sweet little Maggie growled at him, literally growled, and he lost a little confidence. At that point Carson demonstrated his ability to spew carrots all over his cable-knit sweater, as well as his jeans, and the carpet. He completely lost all confidence when precious Maddi burped AND farted louder than he ever has! He also fell completely in love with her!
Carson's standing skills are growing by the day! He is holding on to tables, couches, anything at knee height and loving the freedom. I captured a few pictures of him in his too cool cowboy boots from his favorite great aunt Pam.

If you ever volunteer to babysit, this is the face you do NOT want to see! No, he is not deep in thought, pondering the elements of life. Nor is he studying the wall to determine the exact color of paint. When his eyes lock into place and his mouth turns up in one corner, he is hard at work, physical work. This is Carson's infamous "poo" face.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Week 28- Snow Day!

Carson did not enjoy the snow as much as we thought he might! He was interested until his hands froze and then it was a downward spiral from there!

Week 27- Goofy Guy- Bathtime & Eating

Sorry about all the food pics but mealtimes are our daily entertainment! Carson has recovered from his initial hatred of peas and now loves them. In fact, he eats whatever you put in his mouth! He's experienced green beans, bananas, peaches, prunes, carrots, peas, barley cereal, and oatmeal cereal. He begged for a sip of my Tai soup yesterday but wasn't impressed by all the seasoning.

Here is a very entertaining round with bananas. Not sure why he's making the horrible faces, other than we laugh hysterically every time so he may be learning "humor" early on.
Are you sure these are bananas? No more!!
Are we done yet?
Carson loves eating everything, regardless of the item's original purpose! During bathtime, he discovered that his rubber duckies make great bathtime binkies!
What do you mean this isn't a binkie? It sure feels like one!
Too bad I can only fit one in at a time!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Video Clip from Ages Ago!

I've been trying to post video clips but for some reason no one could view them . . . the friend that turned me on to blogspot just emailed me and gave me the secret to "unlocking" my videos! I've made them "public" now and they should work for everyone. Please let me know! In the meantime, here is some video of Carson WAY BACK WHEN he was a little tyke! I'm reposting it now that I know how even though it's out of order (which is killing my anal retentive personality!)!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Week 26- Graduation from Babies & New Mom's Group!

We discovered an invaluable resource when Carson was three months old, a hospital sponsored, nurse moderated, New Mom's Support Group. It would have been great to know about it from the beginning but we enjoyed the weekly meetings from three months on until we hit the six month old graduation this week. Carson made lots of little friends and Mommy learned a lot! Here are his graduation photos!

Week 26- Carson LOVES Carrots & HATES Peas!!

This week was hilariously fun trying out new food with Carson! We started with carrots on Tuesday and he didn't even hesitate! Just sucked them down like candy! He'd eat an entire jar in one sitting!

First bite . . . mystified but not concerned!
Second bite all smiles!Now he's just stuffed!Peas on Saturday night did not go as well. Fortunately we had the camera ready! Poor guy absolutely hated every minute of it! He kept opening his mouth for more but was finally reducing to gagging!
Please stop!
I really don't like this green stuff!
I think I'm going to throw up!
I'm throwing up!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Week 26- Video Clip of Carson in the Jumperoo

Carson just loves his Jumperoo AND his Daddy. So each time Daddy quacked like a duck, Carson laughed and jumped even harder! Please email me and let me know if you can view it or not!

Week 26- More Cute Pics

This outfit is one of Carson's Christmas gifts from his California family. He looks just sporty in this Adidas soccer warm-up! I even found some Nike Shox in the closet to complete the look! Sitting is still much safer for Carson. He toppled over just seconds after the "standing" picture was taken.
Grandpa Kuntz gave us a bag of random Nike items from a business deal. Daddy & Carson are sporting matching "skull caps". At first I thought it was ridiculous but actually they fit Carson just great!

Week 25 - Fun Pics

Just a few random pics. We can't help ourselves!
Aunt Lori gave Carson this adorable top for Christmas!
Jackson is trying to pose for the camera but Carson is more interested in Jackson's toy.
Hey Buddy! Pay attention!What? There's a camera?Who me, smile? Okay! (Jackson gave up at that point)
Carson trying out Mommy & Daddy's new comforter
This bed is way bigger than mine!
Trying out a sippy cup . . . was not a big fan!
Posing for Daddy!
I'm learning to take steps!
Spit happens!

Happy New Years!

New Years 2006 was a bit different this year with babies! We celebrated with our friends Blair & Laurel and their daughter Eloise. We all played with Fisher Price and stuffed animals until baby bedtimes. Then the grown-ups had a delicious meal of Chinese food and an even yummier dessert of chocolate fondue. Eloise was kind enough to let Carson sleep in her crib (he didn't mind the pink ;-). The next morning, the kids entertained each other while the grown-ups recovered on the couch. Eloise tried to teach Carson how to crawl and stand up, fortunately he's not ready yet!
Carson enjoying Eloise's toys!
Carson & Eloise munching on the same toy!
Carson, still munching on a toy while Eloise displays her coordination!
Eloise is snacking on the corner of the coffee table
Self-portrait of the Mommies & Daddies
Just too darn cute! Carson can stand but isn't 100% so I'm holding his thigh. Eloise however is very proficient at table-walking!
Smiling for the camera!
Daddy's are having a race!

Video Clip of the "Patting Table"

Monday, January 01, 2007

Week 25- Christmas with Grandpa & Grandma Rader

Merry Christmas #4!! Celebrated at Aunt Lori's house with Grandpa & Grandma Rader! Uncle Brian cooked very yummy meatloaf and Grandma Well cooked her usual excellent Tai dishes!

Grandma Rader helping Carson
Daddy being goofy!
We're short two here!
Aunt Lori
Barley cereal really can't compare to meatloaf, maybe next year!

Week 25- Christmas with Grandma & Grandma Levy

Christmas #3! We hosted Great Grandpa Bride, Grandma & Grandpa Levy, & Aunt Lori and Uncle Brian at our house. Terrific time had by all! Carson stayed up late again to open presents.

Really getting the hang of wrapping paper! Aunt Lori & Uncle Brian
The whole family!
Grandpa & Grandma Levy
Three generations!

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