Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Chair!

Also announcing the arrival of Carson's very own reading chair!

Month 15 - A New Family Toy!

Our newest baby arrived home today! Together with my parents & my sister & her husband, we purchased a 2003, 22' barely used (and I mean BARELY used) Sportsman Ultralite travel trailer!!! We are so excited!! It has a "short queen" bed in the front "bedroom" with two closets and lots of cabinets. There is a four seater dinette and a slide out couch that seats three. It literally slides out electrically from the wall of the trailer. Those both turn into beds at night. It has a tiny bathroom with a toilet, shower/tub, and sink. And it has a tiny kitchen with a double-sink, oven, three burner stove, and built-in microwave!! Outside it has a BBQ that hangs off the side, an outdoor shower, and a huge awning.

We bought it from an older couple that bought it one year ago from the original owners. These people had never even used it even though they bought a bunch of fun attachements for it. The previous owners, from what we can tell, hardly ever used it. There isn't a speck of dirt in it. The oven and BBQ might not have even been used.

We are so excited about the adventures yet to come in this fantastic new addition! We are currently stocking it up with everything we could possibly need camping. Of course, being anal retentive, the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet has already been categorized and delegated between the three families.

Daddy is attaching the outdoor BBQ!
Just the boys working together!
Mommy checking it all out!
View of the kitchen, bathroom, dinette, and couch from the front door.
View of the bedroom, couch, & dinette from the kitchen.
The "bedroom" with a "short queen" which means it is as wide as a normal queen bed but shorter than a double bed!Teeny, tiny bathroom!Carson helping unroll the awning!
Already figuring out how to navigate the steps.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Month 15- Twice As Much Fun

Today was my day with two little boys and we had a lot of fun! First we played in the park. Had to get bundled up because it was cold!! Then we worked out at Baby Boot Camp. Rushed home for naptime and then had a playdate in the afternoon. It was a busy day!

Hurry up and let us out to play!This playground is empty! It's all ours! We are such big boys now!
Why are we crawling when we know how to walk?
We made it!
Hold on Ian!
Swinging is so great!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Month 15- Mischievious Little Boy

Carson is learning how to climb. He can now climb up into his jogging stroller. He can climb up onto the couch. He loves sitting in things. In fact we went chair shopping for him (clearly the camping chair doens't work as a piece of furniture in our family room). I don't pick up his new chair until tomorrow. In the meantime, he needed a place to sit and call his own. When I found him in his new, special "place", I should have scolded him but first rushed to grab the camera and capture the moment. Then he got in trouble!

Month 15 - Goodbye Garbage Disposal- Hello Picky Eater

Carson used to eat anything we would put in front of him. Eating out at restaurants was easy as long as we kept food on the table. He would eat for hours. This has all changed!! He is suddenly Mr. Picky and eat anything but fruit and hardly that. So I tried making him a concoction that a friend's kid loves. He absolutely hated it!! Here are the pics of how the trial went . . .

You want me to try what?!?
Apple-pear sauce + oatmeal + cottage cheese =
GAGGING! I'm throwing up! Get it out of my mouth!
This spoon is much more tasty than that combo!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Month 15- Fun Weekend!

Busy weekend! Carson got his own camp chair in honor of many future camping trips. Turns out that it is also handy for . . .
Watching Daddy mow the lawn!

Am I supposed to be paying attention? Daddy said I'd be mowing someday! What are chores?Watching Daddy wash his car!
Talking to Jackson!Daddy's birthday is this week and he bought himself a great new present. Mommy says that it's also his Christmas present, Valentine's present, and Father's Day present. She says she's off the hook for awhile. I love it! It's so shiny and red! My hair blows in the wind when we ride in it!

My turn! My turn!

Does my carseat fit? You definitely need a co-pilot!Happy Birthday Daddy!

Month 15- Ducks Vs Fresno

The cutest, youngest Duck fans enjoyed the slaughter on Saturday night. Andrew, Ellie, & Carson didn't watch the game but did play with lots of toys!

Andrew tried his hardest to pull that loaded wagon!
Much more fun with all of us!
One year ago! The boys were almost 3 months old and Ellie was 5.5 months old. Adorable!
Look at us now!
This is the coolest time-out chair ever! What is time-out anyway?
Beads are for girls?
Don't you just love my shoes?
A man needs his golf clubs!

Month 15- My friend Ian

For the last few months, Carson has been hanging out on Tuesday's with his friend Ian. Ian's daddy, Jeremy, watches the both of them while I get to work ALONE for one day a week!! Recently we decided to swap kids. So now I get both boys one day. It was a great trial to see if I really want two kids, since I'm not totally convinced just yet. We actually had a lot of fun! Ian even went to Baby Boot Camp with us. I had to work twice as hard, pushing a double jogging stroller. Here are the boys eating lunch!

Would you believe this is both boys when Carson was just a few weeks old! Ian is almost 3 months older than Carson.

Month 14- Baby Boot Camp

After three half marathons this summer, I was a bit burnt out on running. But calories add up with summer cold beer and ice cream so I started going to Baby Boot Camp. It's a terrific exercise class that allows moms to exercise with their tots in tow. We go 4 days a week and have me lots of neat new friends. Jeremy seemed to think we just strolled around and stretched but quickly realized that it's like soccer camp without the ball. We do cardio & strength training for 55 minutes. Below is a picture of us just starting our ab work. At that point the kids are allowed to get out of their strollers and run around. That's Carson in front of the yellow stroller.

Before class I try to let Carson play at the park. You can tell he's running because his sholders are hunched up and he has a devilish grin.

Just about to cross the wiggly bridge!Such a big boy now!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Family Camping Trip!!

Jeremy and I both have such wonderful memories of camping with our families as kids, we feel strongly about Carson having the same experience. So thanks to a generous friend, we borrowed a beautiful 30 ft. RV for the weekend, packed it up and headed down to Silver Falls. The weather was gorgeous although under the trees it was quite a bit cooler than we packed for. We spent Friday night by ourselves and Saturday afternoon, Liza & Jeff, & Matt & Michelle joined us with their tents. We all had a blast!! I used to make fun of "RVers" but I am officially a convert!! In fact, we are now actively shopping for our own trailer to share with my family and make camping a regular occurence!

Off we go!! Good driving Daddy!Have carseat, will travel! Even if it's in a dining room!Running off into the bushes isn't allowed! Hard for Daddy to duck under the branches to retrieve me! Smart Mommy packed my high chair! I eat in style even when camping!

I'm trying to help Daddy make kindling but he won't let me near the hatchet.
I LOVE camping!
Daddy doesn't want me playing with sticks but Mommy said it's okay.
This camp chair is a bit big for me but I do like it.
Yummy dinner! Salmon, potato salad, & bread! What more could you ask for? Beer please!
Matt & Michelle brought these cool scooters! I want to play with them ALL the time. I feel way cooler than in my stroller. It's what all the big kids are doing.
I love my Aunt Liza!
I don't read yet but for some reason Mommy & Daddy thought this picture was really funny?!?
We "hiked" down a paved trail to a very cool waterfall!
Pushing my stoller is much more fun that riding in it.
My uncle Jeff is sooooo funny! He makes me laugh all the time.
Mommy thought these pants were perfect for camping. Daddy says she has a shopping problem. Saturday night dinner was delicious! Steak, chicken, & veggie kabobs & noodle salad! And of course, many cocktails. Mommy put me to bed right after dinner for some strange reason.
Lots of people think I only smile but Mommy knows the truth. I get downright mad these days when she asks me not to do something or if I have to let go of something. Really mad.
But I am happy a lot too!

After dinner, I heard lots of laughing and "ummms" coming from the campfire area. They kept saying, "Smore please".
Goofing around!
Brrr!! It got cold quick!
Group pic in front of the falls!

How Old is Carson?

How Old is Keaton?