Sunday, March 02, 2008

1st Trip to the Zoo for 2008!

It's been since around August-ish since we were at the zoo. Perhaps September. (Wait I just remembered we were there for zoo lights but that doesn't really count because the animals were all asleep.)

We have been so cooped up in the house due to illness and busy schedules that we HAD to get out today. The weather was nice, a tad on the cold side . . . gloves and stocking caps would have been nice. Regardless, we got there before most of the crowds and Carson ran wild. This was the first time he really got into the animals. He tried his sign language signs for as many of the animals as he could. It was very cool! We had a great time and really enjoyed the family outing.

Way cool! The orangutan watched US while he ate his breakfast!
Just my size!
Go hippo go!
Yummy! Yogurt! Only Mommy forgot to pack a bib. Not a smart idea!
I'm really getting the hang of smiling for the camera!

The Many Faces of Carson

I am trying to teach Carson to smile for pictures. We're working on saying please or cheese. Here is our practice session. If you think that Carson has something on his nose and upper lip, you are correct. Poor Grandma Levy witnessed Carson running at top speed and take a nose dive, literally, on the concrete. His scabs are still hanging on after a week ;-)

This is my cheesy smile!
This is my surprise face! This is also my "I'm about to puke" face.
Woooohoooo!! This is my super happy face!
Happier yet and airplane arms!
This is just a close up of his war wounds.

How Old is Carson?

How Old is Keaton?