Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Keaton's First Birthday Party!

Once again apologies for my lack of posts. I'm drowning in work which is great but frustrating when it comes to carving out family time.

Keaton doesn't turn one until Thursday but we had a fantastic and fantastically HOT party for him a little early on Sunday! Nothing like 100 degree party!

Keaton picked up where Carson left off with the "It's my party? I'm sick!"  If you recall, Carson had croup for his 1st birthday party and hand-foot-mouth disease for his second birthday party! Keaton was fighting off something and teething so he wasn't really in a party mood. Poor little dude!

I figure I only have this year and next year to pick his themes and Halloween costumes so the party theme was blue camo with orange accents. Very fun and easy to do!

Jessica over at came up with this super cute invitiation for me! Jenn over at did this amazing picture of Keaton!

My awesomely creative friends are inspiring me and I came up with this cute little flag banner, which I was just told is more appropriately called a "bunting".

I have NO access or ability in Photoshop or InDesign but I am MASTERFUL with Microsoft Word. If anyone wants my templates I created, they're REALLY basic but easy to use and I just printed them on my laser color printer!
Nothing like a couple lollipop sticks and a $2 clearance lantern from Craft Warehouse to make a fun centerpiece!
A party isn't a party without balloons! Only these poor guys could barely stay afloat in the 100+ temps on the patio!
Cute idea for cupcakes.... check
Yummy recipe for cupcakes.... check
Custom candle and cupcake flags.... check
Two different colored blue sugar sprinkles to make blue camo toppers.... check
Super cute new cupcake stand.... check
Talent at making my frosting stand up in whipped peaks.... NONE!!
TOTAL AND COMPLETE frosting nightmare.
Frosting on the floor, tears in the frosting, frosting melting all over counter... check

I, yes I, designed a cute little t-shirt emblem for Keaton's party! Carson wanted a matching one so of course I indulged him!
No cupcake stranger, this nearly one year old DEVOURED his sweet treat!

Ready, Set, Ride!
Me and my boys!

Thank you to our friends and family who braved the heat to help Keaton celebrate his birthday! Hard to believe it was one year ago that he made his entrance into this world... surprising us all by arriving almost a month early!

How Old is Carson?

How Old is Keaton?