Friday, August 11, 2006

Carson's First Three Days

Day 1--Carson was strong from the start and during his first bath with the nurse he almost turned over! She warned us to be watchful of him!

Day 2!! He slept a lot and ended up with a case of jaundice. He had to be wrapped in a "billy blanket" which used light to help get rid of the jaundice. He quickly ended up with the nickname "Glow Worm"!

This is Carson getting ready to go home! He is wearing his size 50 Hannah Anderson pj's that Kari & Kristin insisted on and the handmade booties that Great Grandma Kuntz made for Grandpa Gary Kuntz to come home from the hospital in, which Mommy Kristin also came home in! How cool!

The car seat was a mystery! We had no idea how to put him in! The nurse wasn't allowed to help, understandable but ridiculous at the same time! He looked way too small and his tiny head flopped to one side!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Birthday at the Hosital!!

Carson Earl arrived into this world on July 10, 2006 weighing in at 8 lbs 12 oz, stretching out to 21 1/2 inches at 5:41 pm. His journey began at 10:20 am when my water broke while I was waiting in line at the doctor's office! He already had great timing! They plunked me into a wheelchair and we headed right up to Labor and Delivery.

Jeremy and my mom arrived within minutes as the first nurse checked me in. They inserted an IV and began monitoring Carson's heartrate and my contractions. Somehow I managed to skip the first phase of labor and went right into active labor. My contractions got very intense, very quickly, sometimes coming two in a row-back to back!! My goal was a 4 hour labor and after just two hours the doctor ordered my epidural.

I was dilated to 3 centimeters at the start of the epidural procedure. The anethesiologist had difficulty inserting the needle, apparently my vertebre were very tight. 30 minutes or so later, when she finally finished-- keep in mind I was having painful contractions throughout the entire procedure-- I was dilated to 8 centimeters.

The nurse called my doctor in (Our doctor who had seen us throughout the entire pregnancy just happened to be on call that very day! More great timing!) and we did a practice push. Fortunately, unfortunately the epidural was so strong that I couldn't feel where to push. They called the anethesiologist back in to turn down the medication. We then had to wait 2 hours for it to wear off. In the meantime, all the family members arrived and kept us company!
When it was time to begin pushing, family headed to the waiting room! Jeremy and I worked as a team for 45 minutes pushing and counting as Carson made his way out. He was sideways and his cord was wrapped around his body so it was a lot of work to get him out! We watched the event in the mirror! It was absolutely amazing to see him arrive! His conehead was off to one side and he had injested merconium so the NICU was on staff to pump him out. It took a little while for him to cry so it was wonderful when we finally heard it!

All of the doctors and nurses were shocked to see such a big baby come out of me! We were all surprised!

How Old is Carson?

How Old is Keaton?