Saturday, November 29, 2008

Perpetual Poop Humor

Okay- FOURTH post in one day but I can't let this last tidbit slide by.

We watched Civil War today at the Schulz's home along with Aunt Liza & Uncle Ga. An 8 year old girl and her 10 year old brother were fantastic with Carson and kept him very busy.

However, we did still have to check in with them frequently to make sure Carson didn't forget to use the potty. I didn't blog about our potty blunders on Thanksgiving but let's just say that his first day without a nap and surrounded by 11 other children did NOT do us any favors in the potty training arena.

At any rate, Carson had many tries at the potty during Civil War. He proudly called "Uncle" Matt in to show him the ways. Uncle Matt was unduly impressed with the distance Carson could shoot!

Then the kicker. Cole, the 10 year old boy, yelled down that Carson pottied. I ran upstairs as fast as I could to catch him in time (fully anticipating that I had missed it and would be tossing yet another pair of $2.50 underpants).

Breathless at the top of the stairs, I lurched to grab Carson (who by the way was fully clothed and running around) and quickly quizzed Cole.

Me: Does he need to pee?
Cole: Nope. I took him already.
Me: You did? Wow! That's fantastic! Thank you! Did he pee?
Cole: Nope. He pooped.
Me: He what? He pooped? Really? Okay. Did you wipe him?
Cole: Nope.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (See line above about Carson running around fully clothed, then use your imagination).
Meet my new BFF's, Cole & Eva!

I love dip! Never can have too much!Guitar Hero? Ya that rocks!! Guitar Hero back up dancers
Watching the Ducks CRUSH the Beavers!

The Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

The skies were cloudy and grey but the rain held off for the annual Kuntz family tree hunt! This was our 4th year going to the Helvetia Tree Farm. They have an EXCELLENT selection of trees and the sweetest St. Bernards to keep you company.

My favorite part is when we all take turns at tree shaker. It is simply hilarious watching someone try to hold onto their tree while getting the snot shook out of them. I got to try it this year and couldn't stop laughing as pine needles flew into my mouth and one especially naughty branch kept whacking me in the face.

Carson had a very important job this year. He had to hold onto each tree as we cut it down. He took it very seriously as you will see in the pictures.

Mutley, the St. Bernard, was carrying around a "barrel" of candy canes around his neck for small children.
Holding the tree is very important! This one small branch will keep the tree from falling on Daddy!Poppa! I got this one! I'll hold the tree for you!
Yay! No rain!

I love you Nana!
Liza! You're so silly!
Just a quick look back!
Christmas 2006
Christmas 2007
Christmas 2008
And now the 10 crates of Christmas decor waiting to get unpacked!

Big Boy Bed & More

Just catching up! We moved Carson to his Big Boy Bed two weeks ago. He LOVES it! Here are some belated pictures! Went with the cowboy themed bedding from Target and it fit right in!

Carson's first "Stawbuks" - hot chocolate, which as cute as it was, he only drank three sips and then spent the rest of the time showing everyone his "stawbuks" cup and eating up the oohs and aahs. Celebrating Poppa's birthday!

Just a little time with the zoo!

Not sure who had more fun with playdoh yesterday. I was making calls setting up appointments to show homes. As most mommies can, I was listening out of my third ear and heard Daddy say, "Carson go show Mommy this beautiful playdoh". Well Daddy is very artistic but I was not expecting this. Carson had no idea that Daddy had made him a pile of . . .
I absolutely lost it laughing as the poor seller answered her phone to a madly giggling, totally unprofessional Realtor. I had to start over three times. I think the lady thought I was a prank call. I don't blame her. The blame lays ENTIRELY on Daddy!!!

Poop Dupe

I was duped! By poop!

Carson and I merrily unpacked Christmas decor this afternoon and his brain was on OVERLOAD. Mega stimulation makes it very difficult to nap. But nap time isn't up for negotiation (unlike eating and getting dressed).

He trotted off to bed.

It was quiet.

Then 5 minutes later, I heard Carson calling out from his cozy dark room. I ignored it. But something prompted me to get up. Perhaps that Mommy instinct when the hairs on the back of your neck go up. Something's not right.

I stood outside his door and listened. There it was again:

"Mommy! Me poopy!"

That was enough to make me break my "never open the naptime door" rule.

We hustled to the potty and within 3 seconds of sitting on the potty, Carson handed over his pacificier and said, "Me done sleeping. More Crissssmas." No poop.

I was duped, by poop.

As I type this, it just began again. This time I can hear him calling, "Mommy, me peepy!"

I am now wise to this ploy!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Madagascar, Movie Theater, and Mirilax Mis-Adventures

Oh yes, I'm blogging about Mirilax AGAIN!!! We just can't escape it!

Took Carson for his first real movie experience . . . the 100 inch screen at home is a super cool but not the same!

We were a bit nervous for two reasons.

1. Carson does not sit still for 1.5 hours, EVER.
2. Sitting for 1.5 hours in big boy underpants, terrifying.

Started off great! Found seats but had to cross over a family of two. Explained to the father that we might have to leave due to a toddler "in training". He nodded knowingly.

Carson LOVED the buttery theater popcorn and munched happily away. "Move it, move it" was his chant for the last 48 hours. That is the theme song to Madagascar and according to his young brain, this was also the title of the movie. He chanted it until the movie started (through 8 previews).

Every 5 minutes, I leaned over to whisper in his ear, "Do you need to pee-pee?" The answer was always no until about 45 minutes in.

Then, "Mommy, me peepee." I hustled him out of the theater, crossing over the seats and then ducking out the middle aisle. Ran all the way to the bathroom, which could not have been any farther away!! Quick poopy and we ran back. Carson told EVERYONE on the way back that he successfully released a bowel movement, "Me poopy!!!"

Crossed back over all the seats and in the quiet theater Carson announced loudly, "Daddy! Me poopy!!". All we could do was laugh.

Five minutes later, "Mommy, me poopy".

Repeat prior scene, only it was peepee this time. Once again, crossed seats, ran to bathroom, ran back, and announced in quiet theater, "Daddy! Me peepee!!"

Five minutes later, "Mommy, me poopy". I couldn't do it again. Sent Daddy this time. Repeat scene.

Five minutes later, oh yes. For the FOURTH time!! Repeat above scene. I felt so badly for the boy and his father next to us. Oh, and I missed a good portion of the movie. Sympathy for Mommy please! Damn the Mirilax!!!

Then with about 15 minutes left to go, Carson was done. It was reminicent of our last airplane ride with him trading seats between the three of us, putting the arm rests up and down, and kicking the seat in front of him. Thank God it was a theater full of kids and understanding parents!!

The upside, no accidents to clean up!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Perils of Potty Training - Take Three

We made it three days straight with no accidents. Unfortunately Mirilax or a nasty virus or the dreadful combo RUINED our record in a BIG WAY.

Started off great yesterday. After naptime Carson left me in awe with the biggest #2 in the potty. I seriously almost took a picture of it for Daddy so he wouldn't feel left out. But then realized taking a picture of poo is disgusting and wrong. Thought we were in the clear for the rest of the day and perhaps even until midway through the next day.

However, 25 minutes later "Mommy, me poopy" combined with the foul odor of "I didn't make it to the potty", sent me to the gag zone. Then it got worse.

While trying to peel off the diarrhea filled underwear, warm, oozy poo plopped onto my wrist. Fighting back the vomit reflex, I kept at it. Poor little Ian, who is just beginning to learn about the potty, was staring wide-eyed like a deer caught in headlights. You just couldn't look away from this one.

Tossed those ruined underpants in the trash along with 20-30 wipes. Between the underpants and the last #2 in the potty, I had to flushed about two pounds of solid waste. Phew, had to be in the clear now!

I couldn't have been more wrong! 10 minutes late the diarrhea devil struck again. Again Ian and I were awestruck at the amount of poo contained in the sagging Thomas the Tank underpants. Poor Thomas. Carson simply asked, "Big one?"

This time I couldn't bear the thought of throwing away another pair. Figured since cloth diaper mommies do it, I could try it.

Dipped, swirled, splashed, and gagged through 8 flushes of the toilet, trying to remove the cake-batter like poo. The boys were fascinated. I was horrified. It just solidified (no pun intended) why I was NEVER cut out for cloth diapers. Sorry you Greenie mommies, I am a disposable diaper, landfill filler, Pampers mommy for life.

OTHER than that, potty training is going great!

Taught Carson to pee standing up. Followed by a quick trip to Costco for the 150+ Chlorox wipes for the inevitable drips and spills.

Still can't figure out how to keep the pee from shooting over the rim. Tried having him lean over, that just got the pee on his shirt. Still open to suggestions. Getting tired of the mommy hand pee block technique. Great on a cold day but overall just wrong.

BIG BOY BED- On Sunday Carson came home from spending the night at Nana & Poppa's to find his new Big Boy Room all set up! He was SO excited!!!

We were so nervous that he wouldn't stay in the bed and had visions of us having to lock the door or baby gate it. Not a chance!! He loves his bed so much that he won't get out of it. He looks so sweet and little in it.

Pics to follow when I finish making new window coverings . Thank you to Target for supplying the adorable Cowboy Quilt! Matches the paint perfectly!!

Sorry for the lack of pictures! Carson's home sick today with a fever so will try to get some new ones!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Miralax . . . Can't live with it, Can't live without it!

Miralax and potty training REALLY don't go well together. Carson takes a dose every other day to help keep things moving along. However, his bowels are greatly affected by everything he eats.

Some days no poop. Other days, seven poops (that set the record).

This morning went by fairly uneventfully.

The evening turned into a Miralax nightmare.

Playdate with Luke and Max from 3:45-5:15, fun! Pee in the potty twice!

Ride home with Luke, fantastic.

Luke inviting Carson in to play, adorable.

Me talking with Luke's dad in the kitchen . . . Luke walks up, "Kristin, Carson needs to poop."

Me running up the stairs as fast as I can behind a four year old to catch a two year old in time.

Me running into the playroom just in time to see an all too familiar scrunched up face.

Me trying not to barf in the bathroom, peeling diarrhea filled underpants off. Note to me, next time get scissors and CUT them off. Legs, socks, and kneepits covered in poo. At someone else's house!!!

Kind Luke donated a pair of his precious Lightening McQueen underpants to Carson, who happily ran off to continue playing.

Me handing over a disgusting mess of underpants, poo, and baby wipes to Luke's laughing father.

Ride home in underpants and t-shirt, cold.

Two more pees in the potty and then . . .

"Mommy, me poopy" . . . running to the bathroom, only to discover that 2 year olds cannot hold diarrhea in long enough to get to the toilet.

Me screaming for back up. Me gagging. Daddy gagging. Poo EVERYWHERE! Carson dancing around the bathroom, footprints of poo on the white tile. Where are those scissors?! Luke is definitely NOT getting these underpants back. Sorry Luke.

I think we'll skip the Miralax tomorrow and hope for things to back up a little, just a little.

Public Toilets, Locked Restrooms, & Aiming

Day 4.5 of Potty Training!! Going very well!

Sun. Day 0.5- One poopy accident

Mon. Day 1- First whole day in underpants, one pee accident. Not bad, especially considering he was at Ian's all day and Jeremy had to take the reins on day one! Way to go Davis's! It's your turn next!!

Tues. Day 2- School day, no accidents AND his nap time pull up stayed dry AND his overnight diaper stayed dry!! Wow! And TWO public toilets!! Wow!! Fortunately we discovered Carson does not have any phobias of public restrooms. One scary moment when Carson said "poopy" in the car on the way home . . . I turned at the next street and pulled into a friend's driveway. Called to see if they were home (lights on and 7 pm), however no one answered. Thanks a lot Darren!!! Apparently he saw I was calling and decided to let it go since he knew it was for his wife (who was putting the kids to bed). Fortunately I discovered that Carson was just tooting, no imminent poop so we made it all the way home.

Wed. Day 3- School day, one poopy accident (thank goodness for cheap Walmart underpants- just toss them).

Thurs. Day 4- So far so great! No accidents. We did have a moment of panic when the public restrooms were locked. I tried and tried to get Carson just to pee standing up. Aim at the bush I suggested. However, he would have NOTHING to do with that. I yelled over in desperation to my fellow Baby Boot Campers, "WHAT DO I DO????" Fortunately, right then an employee walked by and unlocked the bathroom for us! Phew!

Only other snafu we keep having is that the darn pee shoots right over the bowl. At school, they have him hold his penis down but with me he was trying to balance on several unfamiliar (and rather large) public toilets. First I tried making a pee-block with my fingers. Terribly gross and unnerving. Not a long term solution.

Then today I tried pushing it down myself. Clearly I do not know how the parts work because I didn't push it down enough and ended having to use the finger pee-block again. More wet underpants. Poor guy! I'll be googling for help when I finish this post!

Overall, we are soooo excited by this progress and looking forward to the final phase of independence. However, we are scared to death of long plane rides, long car rides, long lines, locked toilets, and the morning he wakes up at 5 am because he has to pee. Such begins our newest adventure in parenting!

Monday, November 10, 2008

He's a Big Boy Now!!

Not sure if it's permanent but we made the leap to BIG BOY UNDERPANTS!! Yesterday when I left for work, Carson asked me to buy him underpants. I obliged and he's been wearing them ever since!

One poop accident last night and one pee accident today. Not bad for the first 24 hours! We're pretty excited and so is he!

Love at first sight!

Where do they go?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Spoiled Rotten

Lucky little boy! Carson gets to take monthly rides on Aunt Liza's horse. Here's a few pics!

Potty Training Update:
We had a regression last week. Every night was a battle of wills to get Carson to sit on his potty. We let it slide. Plus, I think that the hardest part of potty training (with our current method) is that WE forget to take him in to use the potty.
So we're trying a new method! The last two evenings we've let Carson run, play, and eat diaperless and pantless. It's working great!! No accidents yet and he goes to the potty on his own. This morning it's a little chilly so we've opted for pants but no diapers. So far so good!
This may call for the long awaited trip to Target for the big boy underpants! Very, very exciting!! Especially since we just dropped another $50 on diapers!!

How Old is Carson?

How Old is Keaton?