Friday, October 31, 2008

First Trick Or Treating . . . Amid Cubical Walls

I'm sure I'm going to get booed out of town but we didn't take Carson trick or treating tonight. We really don't let him have candy so I couldn't bear the thought of him collecting a bag full and then taking it away.

Instead I spent $13 creative dollars at The Dollar Tree. I ran around like crazy at Nana's office today distributing the loot to unsuspecting office workers. Carson and Nana then went up and down cubical aisles trick or treating.

He also trick or treated at my office and the title company next door.

Fun was had by all!

Nana, are you sure this is how it works?
Thank you!

See my lucky fin?
This is fun but shouldn't I be knocking on doors?
Oh cool!
I love being Nemo!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eloise's Halloween Party

Miss Eloise hosted her second annual Halloween party. Carson was a gracious guest, eating the snacks, playing with her toys, and frosting her cookies (that isn't how it sounds).

Nemo snacking away
Apparently fish can ride bikes!
The hostess with the mostess! Who much to her parents dismay, decided 2 minutes before the party to completely disrobe, throw her costume on the floor, and refuse to be a princess for the party. Nevermind that she wore the costume every day up until the party!
Carson didn't quite understand that the frosting was supposed to go ON the cookie. Instead it went straight into his mouth!!
Finally, frosting ON the cookie.
This adorable, precious little girl LOVED the frosting.
No more Nemo! Just a plain old dude in black.

2 Boys = 2 Much Fun

Now that the boys are older, having two of them is way more fun. They entertain each other a lot more. Of course there is more refereeing as well since Carson is possessive and bossy but that's life.

Here is a funny clip of the boys going around and around and around. You have to turn it up to hear their funny comments.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Punki Pat

Round two at the "Punki Pat" or pumpkin patch for you lay people. This time was with Baby Boot Camp at Krueger's on Sauvie's Island. Small showing this year but fun nonetheless!

Don't we look awesome!
Come on!! Let's go! (that's nose scratching, not picking) Which way did they go?
Nice! Sweet ride!
We love hay rides!

It is VERY sunny today!
Nemo, I mean, I picked a punkin

Group picture smicture! Nine kids holding still is a dream.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things

The talking is NON stop these days. Full sentences. I still have to translate a lot of it for other people and there is still some that we have no idea what he is saying.

Carson inherited Daddy's supersonic hearing. Ultra-sensitive ears that pick up anything and everything. To both of them, everything is "noisy".

"Mommy, truck noisy"

"Mommy, Jackson noisy"

"Mommy, whistle noisy"

And last night, as he was laying on his changing table, getting dressed into pj's, he let one rip. I mean a really loud, reverberating toot that made me jump.

He looked at me, "Mommy, my bottom noisy."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Klassy Kountry Skarekrow

We live in the sticks and felt it appropriate to class up the neighborhood with scarecrow. He's "K"lassy!!

What do you think? We call him Budlight Mechanic Pumpkin Man!
I scrumpled the paper to stuff our Budlight Man!
Dude, you need another beer?
We have the most spirit on the block!
Happy Halloween!!!!

Potty Training Update: I didn't have to change a poopy diaper ALL day. Instead Carson pooped on the potty SEVEN times in one day. Yes, you read that correctly, SEVEN!!!! Poor little guy's bum was so sore by the end of the day! But still better for mommy and daddy! The light at the end of the diaper tunnel is getting brighter and brighter!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Plumper Pumpkin Patch 2008

The punkin pikin gods were smiling Saturday morning as the sun shone brightly over acres of happy orange sacrifices!! A brisk 45 degrees but simply beautiful! And what better way to celebrate new cowboy boots than by riding a real pony!!

Unleashing Halloween

Most of you that know me well, know that Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! It even beats Christmas. So this year, for the first time, I had a partner in crime when unleashing the Halloween decorations!
I'm a witch! Or a wizard!
Hmm . . . what's in here? Now I'm a wizard wearing pajamas and carrying a jack o'lantern AND wearing sweet camo rain boots!
Presto! Now I'm a cowboy. Even cowboys have to put on their pull-ups one leg at a time.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Update to the potty training situation . . . poop on the big potty tonight! Never thought #2 could be so exciting or so celebrated! We are sooooo grateful to our potty training mentors who suggested moving away from the little potty. Clean up was easy and painless!

Now I could use some suggestions as to the BKM for BM wiping! Trying to squeeze a wipe between two tightly clenched cheeks of a standing boy clearly is not it.


Quite suddenly last night we were infiltrated by monsters around every dark corner, behind every door, even on the couch! Some are friendly, some are scary, and most are Sully. Sully in case you aren't familiar with Disney, is the lovable, afable blue hair monster from Monsters Inc. Carson points out a new monster about once an hour.

Not sure how to handle this so we just say hi to the monster and tell him thanks for keeping Carson company. One even ate lunch with us today.

There was one actual monster in the boxes of Halloween decorations that we unloaded today. Last year Carson would wave and say hi to the monster every time he walked by him. This year Carson studied him warily and proclaimed MONSTER!! Maybe we'll leave him in the box this year.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Panini Disaster & Potty Training Wisdom

We finally purchased our long sought after Panini Press. Nothing fancy, just the Target special. First experiment went dreadfully wrong. Do not EVER think it is smart to try to grab a piece of sizzling cheese off the hot grill!!

I greedily flung the crunchy morsel toward my mouth before anyone could catch me in the act. Unfortunately it landed on my chin, and proceeded to blister my skin a dark shade of purple. Three days later people are still staring at me like a leper.

That was my advice for the day.

On the receiving end, we were advised by fellow toddler, potty training parents (thanks Hooks) that the adorable "little" potty we have been using is EVIL and DIRTY.

I have questioned why in the many potty training books Carson is reading that it shows the little boy picking up the little potty to dump the pee and/or poo in the big toilet. I mean really! Can you picture a two year old walking around with a bowl of urine!! We always try to skip over that page so he doesn't get any ideas.

This weekend Carson sat on Andrew's little potty during the football game and Eloise kept him company on the big potty (since she is officially potty trained- whoohooo Eloise!!!). Eloise's mommy informed me that there is nothing worse than having to clean poo out of the little potty. It doesn't fit, and shouldn't go, in the dishwasher. Just typing that makes me want to gag.

While pee is easy to pour out, no amount of scraping, squishing, bleaching, or otherwise gets the nasty poo smell out of the little potty. Nevermind the gross factor of hoping that it all makes it in, in the first place.

So following the sage advice of seasoned potty trainers, we are bumping it up a notch and working toward the big potty much sooner than anticipated. Carson is enjoying it more than he did two months ago and likes the idea of flushing as a reward. "Bye bye pee pee" he shouts and then runs for his "gege bean".

Tonight as I fastened his diaper for bedtime, he told me "potty mama". I thought he was trying to stall bedtime but took him in anyway. And bless his heart, he really had to pee!! I am so looking forward to diaper free days!! Now if only we could speed through the poo part!

Friday, October 03, 2008

My Chore is Done

Carson has one chore and he LOVES it! His job is to refill the toilet paper supply in each bathroom. He relishes his job and accomplishes it with much enthusiasm.

I love my chore. What is a chore? I just like carrying 3 TP's at once!
On my way to the first pitstop!
I have to carefully unwrap each present, I mean roll.
Mom, seriously, it's not that big a deal. Stop taking pictures!
What's wrong with this stack?
I even like cleaning up the wrappers!

Pump It Up!

Ian, Carson, and I had a playdate at Pump It Up Jr. on Wednesday. Awesome place filled with bounce houses and inflatable slides and obstacle courses. Wednesday's from 3-5 are toddler time so you can only go if you are under 3. Great for the little ones! Sorry most of the pictures are blurry. The boys were runing around at warp speed!

In case you were wondering who Carson's little furry friend is that is in EVERY picture, it's Gonga. My Gonga (furry nose picking, thumb sucking gorilla) from my childhood. Carson entered a phase this week of loving stuffed animals. Each day he's had a new best friend and carries that animal around everywhere. Gonga did not leave Carson's side at Pump It Up and went on every ride. I was fully anticipating having to carry Gonga around once he got abandoned but it never happened!

How Old is Carson?

How Old is Keaton?