Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Month 13- Chicken Pox Scare

Carson is a pretty healthy little guy but we had an interesting day today! 12 days ago, he had 1 year shots at the doctor. I remember Dr. M saying there was a possibility of a low fever and mild rash 1-2 weeks after the shot. So when Carson got a mild fever and a small rash on the side of his face Sunday night, I didn't worry. I actually pride myself on not worrying. It takes a lot for me to call the advice nurse or doctor.

So Monday rolled around and the "mild rash" was a little worse. About half of his face was covered in little red bumps. We went on our playdate anyway. Two adorable little girls dressed him, carried him around, and read him books.

Monday night things got a little worse. The red bumps were spreading. We were convinced at this point that he had contracted chicken pox from his shot. I called a friend who is a nurse and she was pretty sure it was a rash from his MMR shot. We Googled it but none of the pictures for either problem matched Carson. On top of everything, Carson is cutting all four top teeth at once. Then he knocked his head really hard on the door frame. We all went to bed hoping that everything would get better overnight.

Tuesday: 5:30 am Jeremy leaves for airport. 6:30 am I roll out of bed, shower and get ready for my "kid free" day. Tuesdays are Carson's day at the babysitter so I had a full schedule including three client meetings and a long awaited haircut (keep in mind my stylist books up 6 weeks in advance). 7:15 am Bad News! Carson is now covered in a zillion red bumps that are looking more and more like the chicken pox!! Begrudgingly I called his sitter to cancel, no good in passing this along to anyone else. I was scared I was going to have to call the mother of the two little girls from yesterday and tell her we gave them chickenpox. T

The doctor's office opened at 8, apparently advice nurses don't come on until 9 or later. I gave up and cancelled all my appointments for the day. Including my hair cut!!! Not to be selfish but it was a very difficult moment as a mother!!

At 11:40 am we rang a bell at a secret back door at the doctor's office. I half expected a nurse in a hazmat suit to let us in. We were ushered into the closest room, which is where they quarantine patients. It clearly is used for nothing else since it had the leftover and half broken furniture. I was a little nervous to touch anything!

Final diagnosis: very rare reaction to the vaccines he'd received. Poor little guy was one in a hundred! Thank goodness it wasn't the pox! Here are some pictures of his condition. They really don't illustrate the worst of it. We're scheduled to go to the public library tomorrow for a kids' concert. I'm making him a little button that says "I swear I'm not contagious" You should see the looks we got today!

Month 13- Diaper Helmet

Carson loves to put things on his head. It turns out that his diaper fits perfectly on his little noggin!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Silly Carson Videos

Just playing around with our silly comedian of a kid! He is such a goof and loves to entertain! Gee, I wonder where he got that from . . . daddy perhaps ;-)

First video: Carson loves to get chased! He also loves to wrap things around his neck like a scarf. This time it happens to be his new fleece pjs. He is also currently enamoured with a box that has a handle. Perfect size for a baby briefcase. He has combined all three in this cute video!

Carson also has a tendency to put things on his head and walk around "blindfolded". We are not as proud of this but it is really hilarious when he runs into walls.

This is at the end of the day when Carson only had one nap. This is the first time ever that he didn't have two naps. He just wanted to keep playing but stopped every few feet to "rest".

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Great Aunt Kiki & Grandma Kuntz

Thank you Great-Aunt Kiki for flying in for my birthday! I enjoyed spending time with you and you have a great eye for shoes ;-)

Ordering from the Kid Menu

Now when we eat out, Carson gets to order from the kid menu. Typically it's chicken nuggets and tator tots or grilled cheese. Tonight we ate at Salvador Molly's which is a carribean themed restaurant. Carson got to experience curly fries which were better than anything he's ever eaten, or gotten to play with ;-)

Birthday Party- Part Three- The After-Party

After the official birthday party, we invited family to stay for a dinner BBQ. All three sets of grandparents, Great-grandma Kuntz and Great-grandpa Bride, Aunt Liza & Uncle Jeff, and two great-aunts hung around for a bit longer. Unfortunately we all missed Aunt Lori and Uncle Brian, as they had just moved to California the week before and couldn't make it back up for the party.

Carson had a great time opening presents! He loved hanging all of the ribbon around his neck. We had to pack up all his "baby" toys to make room for his "big boy" toys. Grandpa Rader saved his present for the end. The grand finale was a remote control car. If you look very carefully, you will see Grandpa's legs in the background of the picture. He is controlling the remote that is sending Carson's new car around and around and around!

Really? It's all mine!?

I love it!!!
This is soooo cool!

Grandpa & Grandma Rader, Great-aunt Judy and cousin Andrew (who is actually Jer's cousin's son)

Four generations!
Four generations on the other side!

Aunt Liza & Uncle Jeff
Daddy with his mommy and daddy!
Sisters Kelly & Karin!
The Kuntz Clan!
Grandma & Grandpa Levy

Birthday Party- Part Two

Lots of friends! Great weather! More pics!

Playing badmiton in the field!
Trying to keep out of the sun with a lot of umbrellas!
Curious Lucas!
Lucas & Daddy Dan
Kellen riding the pony!
Kellen enjoying the picnic table!
Our youngest guest, two month old Ellie!
This is Carson's other friend Ellie, but she's almost 15 months old!
Ellie and Andrew! They're both experienced at the "first birthday party" gig, as we attended both of theirs!

Happy Birthday Party- Part One

The birthday was a blast! Only a few of the guests knew that for three days prior to the party, the Rader Residence had NO water!! Our well pump had electrical problems and we had to water plants with bottled water, shower at the Kuntz's, and make sure not to flush the toilets for three very long days.

A wonderful assortment of family and friends gathered from near and far to celebrate Carson's first birthday! He enjoyed every minute of it!

Aunt Liza, Carson, & Grandma Kuntz

Grandpa Rader and Carson Grandma Levy and Carson!Grandpa Kuntz and Carson!We have a no sugar rule so Carson REALLY enjoyed his birthday cake of PURE sugar!

More!!!Carson's girfriends Madison and Kinley got to swing in his race cars!

Friends Jamieson, Matt, and Aunt Liza!
Always the center of attention! Appears to be telling his favorite story!
All done!

Too cute!

Getting ready for the party!

So much yardwork and only so much time! Carson loves riding up and down the hill with Daddy on the "tractor". Hopefully he can drive it soon and earn his keep!

It's a lot of work getting ready for a party! Carson helped out by staying out of the way at Nana's. His great-aunt Kiki enjoyed watching him too!

Poor Carson managed to get sick with a virus and an ear infection the week before his birthday party. With a fever of 102, he wasn't really in a playing mood. For those who know Carson well, know he NEVER just sits in my lap. So as much as I felt terrible for him, I really enjoyed the cuddling!!
Just a cute pic of his big boy shoes!!

How Old is Carson?

How Old is Keaton?