Monday, December 31, 2007

Carson's Learning to Talk, oh and drink!

He has a fairly limited repetroire at the moment but it is growing by the day!

The usual suspects: Ma, mam, mama, (mom), Dada, Poppa (Grandpa Kuntz), Nana (Grandma Kuntz).

The cute ones: Hi, Bye bye,

The necessary one: Poopoo, this one is funny because he says it when we go into the bathroom. We also ask him, Did you poopoo? And if he did, he'll run into his room for us to change his diaper! Pretty funny!

Mime = motorcycle

Peez= please

Moh = moor

Spoo = Spoon

Kee = cookie

Kee = key- gotta hear this one in context ;-)

Booo = book

He really only has the beginning sounds right now. There is a word for Jackson but I have no idea how to replicate with letters!

Of course we all think our children are genius's. However, there was one area we were a little concerned about. Up until last week, Carson was not able to master the idea of a sippy cup (keep in mind most of his friends were drinking from them at 9 months or so!). We made a modification for his "challenge" by buying him toddler cups with straws instead. It always bugged me though that he couldn't grasp the concept of tipping a cup to drink. So we got out the champagne last week when he finally figured it out! Now he's in love with the sippy cups!

Crib Epiphany!

We are a little strict about limiting Carson's pacifier use. We used to make him go to sleep at night without it but I'd sneak in at 10 pm and sprinkle binkies around him so if he woke up too early in the morning, he'd find one and go back to sleep. It worked wonderfully for several months but then, just like Pavlov's dogs, Carson developed ultrasonic hearing and instantly woke up when the Binkie fairy opened the door to sprinkle binkies. He became accustomed to getting his binkie at 10 pm.
That seemed silly so we eliminated the binkie completely. The only time Carson was allowed to have it was for his afternoon nap. Everything was going well, other than he got up at 6:30 instead of 8:00. So we didn't love it but short of inventing a machine (similar to automatic cat and dog feeders) to magically drop a binkie out of a timed door at 6:00 am, we were okay.

Well, the other day Carson woke up after only 1.5 hours during his afternoon nap. That isn't enough for him so I decided to climb into his crib (I swear I'd never done this before!!) and get him to snooze a little longer. What I discovered over the next 1.5 hours, is that his crib mattress must be made out of concrete supported by metal springs. It was horrible!! No wonder the poor kid wasn't sleeping well! I think my head was actually bruised.

I got online and almost purchased him a memory foam pad when we decided it wasn't worth $60! So he got a $9.99 foam eggcrate pad from Target. Yes, it goes against most safety recommendations for kids cribs but he's a year and a half old. Not too worried. The best part, after waking up at 6:15 this morning, he fell back asleep and didn't get up until 8 am. I'm convinced the eggcrate did the trick!! Next, he gets a pillow!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas #4 with the Grandma & Grandpa Levy

It was touch and go for most of the afternoon as to whether this Christmas celebration was actually going to take place! You see, it was still snowing all day Thursday at our house and we still had about 6-8 inches on the ground. Fortunately, the snow affects only a 2 mile radius from our house. So Grandma & Grandpa Levy came all the way out from Sheridan in their big truck just in case they needed the four wheel drive. Unfortunatey, Aunt Lori & Uncle Brian couldn't make it this year. Definitely next year (hint, hint). Carson enjoyed the company and the gifts they brought, including a brand new trampoline!! He is a jumping maniac!

We had to nix our plans for BBQing steak!
"Moh!!"- translation "More presents!!"
Our smaller crew this year!
Oh boy! This thing is bouncy!! Handle schmandle, let me go!
That won't fit me Daddy! Oh, it's for you?!
This sweatshirt has all my favorites! Trucks, planes, & trains!
"Peez"- translation "Please let me help you"
I'm really getting the hang of this now!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Snow Day!!

Global warming is already affecting us! We've had snow five times already this year and it snowed on Christmas Day! The weather channel said there was a 0.7% chance of snow sticking in Portland on Christmas Day, we should have bought a lottery ticket! Overnight it snowed even more and we woke up to 6 inches of snow (today, the day after Christmas). We took Carson out in the snow to play! Poor guy had to wear his super dorky snow suit since I'm too cheap to buy him an actual snow bib. He grows too fast to justify it ;-) All of these pictures may look alike to the casual observer but to us, his parents, each one is unique ;-)

I love snow!
This is fun! (He hasn't actually moved once)
Jackson in full jump! Not a single foot on the ground!
Alfie, our kitty!
This is beautiful!

Harley, our other kitty! Trying to make a snow man! Great dry snow but he fell over shortly after.

Christmas #3 with the Raders, Walkers, & Eisels

Christmas Day we drove down to Junction City to celebrate with Jeremy's cousins and families. Great Uncle Joe & & Aunt Judy, Grandpa & Grandma Rader, Cousin Becky & her family, Cousin Jenny & her family, and a few other family friends! Cousin Becky & her husband Corey have eight children and one more on the way!! It is simply amazing to watch this finely oiled machine in action as every child has a job and is so well behaved!

Hannah is 6 months older than Carson and could be his twin!
Does the slipper fit my lady?
More presents!
Grandpa & Grandma Rader
Merry Christmas!
The family!
More kids! Too many kids!
Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Rader for my new car!!
Love it!
Hey! Get off my roof!

Christmas #2 with the Bride Tribe

On Sunday before Christmas (I'm blogging a little out of order, sorry!!) we drove to Sheridan to celebrate with the Bride Tribe. That is Jeremy's mom's side of the family, all 30+ of us! Carson is still teething and we forgot the Motrin. This was a terrible, terrible mistake that we will never make again! He was really crabby and overwhelmed by all of the people. Yikes! But we had a good time and enjoyed the gift card exchange and yummy food!

Uncle Ross tickling me! I am so crabby that my Mommy let me have my Binkie. She must really be sick of me crying because she said no more Binkie except for nap time!
Family pic!
More family!
And more family!
Great Grandpa Bride
Security for the event!
Aren't these all for me?
Gift card? What is a gift card? Do I eat it?
Finally! A present for me!
Silly Great Grandpa!

Christmas Morning- Just the Three of Us

Trying to establish a family tradition for our sweet boy by staying home on Christmas morning and enjoying the presents that Santa dropped by! We had a great debate on Christmas Eve as to whether or not Santa wraps his presents. I erroneously believed that Santa didn't have time to wrap all the worlds' gifts. Fortunately Jeremy corrected me and Santa wrapped his presents.

Carson was very excited to see his stocking under the tree stuffed with Matchbox trucks and a fork and spoon with tractor built into them! He quickly got the hang of unwrapping with a little help!
Our very crooked Christmas tree!
The infamous tree skirt and stockingI can't believe I have to eat breakfast before we open all these presents! That huge box behind me looks amazing!!
Daddy, things keep coming out of this big sock!
Check out my "front loader" spoon and "tractor" fork!
I love cars and trucks!
Thanks for my Micky shirt Aunt Lori and Uncle Brian!
A new DVD! Wow!
A MagnaDoodle! Just want I had no idea that I wanted!
Daddy is an excellent Magnadoodle artist!
Santa should have put this together before he brought this tricycle!
Oh boy! Another tractor! I am soooo lucky!
How cool is this!! It even has a gas pedal!

How Old is Carson?

How Old is Keaton?