Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunny Sunday

While Jeremy washed the trailer, Carson investigated the great outdoors!

Getting Ready for Camping!

Camping season is upon us! The first trip out is next weekend and Jeremy spent today re-wiring new batteries, filling propane tanks, scrubbing, and cleaning! We are excited!

Pretty girl, pretty evening, & not-pretty puke

Carson had his girlfriend Kinley over for dinner this weekend. They enjoyed the warm spring evening and we enjoyed beer and pizza. Carson is the world's PICKIEST eater so I tricked him into thinking he was getting a Jamba Juice for dinner. All that means is that I dumped a yogurt smoothie into his sippy cup. Well he sucked it down in record time and said, "Moh Jamba". Well, I was just ecstatic that he was eating so I quickly figured out how to make another "jamba" for him. I threw some vanilla yogurt, whole milk, and honey into his sippy cup and shook it up. He sucked that down in three minutes flat. Terrific, right? Wrong!

Kinley's daddy pointed out that Carson was choking on something. ?? How could he be choking if he wasn't eating anything? So I called him over and he looked pretty unhappy. He laid on my chest and rested his head on my shoulder. That's when I felt it . . . little "urps" in his chest. I leaned back and pushed him over my shoulder as quickly as I could as he exploded "Jamba" all over!! What I didn't think about was where his little tiny tummy would store 32 ounces of frothie yogurt!! OOPS!!

Kinley didn't seem to mind, nor did Carson. Actually he felt much better and proceeded to keep playing! Poor Jeremy was left cleaning up the mess!

I've fallen and I can't get up!! Help!
Thank you pretty lady!
This is my "umbra"
Dating is fun!
So is smacking the table!
Kinley can do it too!

Keeping up with Daddy

Carson enjoys watching the pictures on the screensaver of my computer. This picture was just too precious to pass up!

Monday, April 21, 2008

First Trip to the E.R.

Not for an emergency but apparently when the pediatric office is closed and urgent care is closed, you have to go to the ER even if just for a minor problem. We were pretty sure Carson had an ear infection and wanted relief for all of us since it involved a lot of crying. The on-call pediatrician didn't give us the option of seeing her during office hours Sunday morning but instead said we should head down to the ER. So three hours later, no ear infection and two prescriptions (but Walgreens was then closed), we weren't really any better off. Fortunately St. V's has a children's section of the ER so we didn't have to wait long in the waiting room with all the other crazies . . . there were some very scary and creepy people there. However, at least there were people to watch. The next two hours were spent in a very small room with a broken DVD player. It was a very, very long two hours. Fortunately, unfortunately I had to meet a client so I left and poor Jeremy was stuck by himself for the last hour!

Daddy's Doodles

They say having a kid brings out your inner kid. Well, we discovered that having a Magnadoodle brought out Daddy's secret artistic talents. I have been secretly taking pictures of Daddy's creative creations! There is a new one almost every day! We are so proud of him!!

Ranger Rick??
Sly cowboy
Crazy Professor

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Snow in April

As I'm typing this, the snow is coming down like crazy! It's April 19!!! This is nuts!! It dusted overnight and just keeps trying! We should be outside enjoying the spring but instead we're scraping snow off the car!! -- UPDATE- still snowing now on April 21st!

Sick Days

This is quite possibly the worst sick season I've ever been through. Everyone we talk to has suffered through numerous colds, coughs, and flues. Just as Jeremy was getting over a two week bout with the nasties, Carson came down with it. Since Wednesday, he's had an icky cough and fever. Now it's accompanied by a snotty nose and what appears to be more teeth coming through. It makes for a long, long day of crying and whining . . . oh wait, that's me ;-) No seriously, lots of crying which means lots of tv or movies. It's about the only thing that quiets him down. That, and a LOT of Motrin and Tylenol. Oh, AND, all he eats if fruit any more so on top of it all, he was "stopped up" for two days. That made for more crying and lots of "poo?" comments. Only no poo, just very stinky toots. Poor guy! When he finally passed his "issue", it might as well have a been a fist sized rock! Ouch!!!

Sick bay
Not a happy camper
This makes him happy! Thank goodness for movies!
Daddy didn't want Carson to feel lonely.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Carson's New Cousin!

Carson is happy to announce the arrival of his new cousin, Thomas Robert Scott! He was born on Sunday and is doing well! Thomas lives in California so we're not quite sure how soon we'll get to meet him. Hopefully within the next two months!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthday Party & 1st Trip to Barber

Carson's good friend Ian turned 2 this weekend and we went to his birthday party. It was very hot and we had to dig through the closet to find shorts for Carson. Only two pairs and no sandals! So I get to do some shopping!! Yea!! Finally! After growing out of sizes every 6-10 weeks from birth until 18 months, Carson has slowed down quite a bit in growth. It's nice because clothes last a lot longer! He's had his favorite camo pants for 8 months now. But it also gets boring for me because I don't get to shop and have to dress him in the same old stuff over and over. Now he's switching into the 2T pants and shorts. Unfortunately he inherited his mommy and daddy's super small feet. The three pairs of 7's that I bought for him for spring and summer aren't even close to fitting!! So now we're on the hunt for a pair of 6 sandals that won't cost a fortune.

Anyway, Carson had a fun time at Ian's party and ate about a pound of grapes! He insisted on carrying the present and only stopped to try to open it 4 times ;-)

Carson's 4th haircut took place today at his Daddy's barber shop. He was the perfect little guy, sitting all by himself in the chair on a booster and watched motocross on the tv. Joe, his barber, identified Carson's "challenges" immediately in the form of a strong double-cowlick in back and one in front ;-) The haircut was tear-free and a great success! We are no longer going to the "kiddie haircut" places and now fans of Joe the Barber!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Carson and His Harmonica

Carson got a harmonica from Santa and loves it! Here are two cute clips of him trying so hard to make it sing!

This one is funny because he tries to do his harmonica "handsfree". It works about half the time!

First Sunny Spring Day! 21 Months Old

This weekend was absolutely beautiful! Daddy worked hard with Poppa and built a retaining wall for our camper to hang out. Carson had Ian's 2nd birthday party in the afternoon! We hauled all of our patio furniture out and relished our peaceful, country life! Carson is being just hilarious these days!! We are constantly laughing at the things he comes up with.

Swinging and laughing!
Serious look!
Mommy's behind the camera!
Goofin' around!
Aren't I adorable!
I should be a GAP model (that's what my Mommy always says)
I am SOOOO big!
Mommy said I had to put my pajamas on (these are my favorite) but I wasn't ready to go to bed so I had to wear my shoes with my pajamas!

Week at Nana's

Here are the belated pictures from Carson's week at Nana & Poppa's. He had a blast doing all kinds of fun activities! He enjoying feeding the horses, going to the zoo, playing games, hunting for Easter eggs, and more!

Fun at the zoo!
Group photo!
I love my new lion! He's just my size!
Nana LOVES to dress me in overalls!
This Easter thing is cool!
At the zoo with Great Aunt Kiki!
Goats are grrreat!

How Old is Carson?

How Old is Keaton?