Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Playgroup Halloween Party

Today Kellee & Luka hosted our playgroup's Halloween party! We dressed up all the kids AGAIN in their costumes and tried to get some group pictures! It was a challenge!!

Luka the shark wasn't very happy about being in costume. The other kids were facinated by him!

Too cute!
Carson the Skunk
Mason the Pirate (Mason is Carson's long lost twin)Luka the Shark
Natalia the Pumpkin
Madison the Pumpkin (trying to get a better picture-there was a pirate in the way!)

There we go! Better picture of the two pretty little pumpkins!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Hook's Kiddie Halloween Party

The Hook family was kind enough to host a Halloween party for pint size party-goers! The kids ran around dressed up until they were sweating through their tights and hats. Then they stripped naked and painted pumpkins. After that we all got to enjoy the beautiful fall weather outside!

The hostess with the mostess! Eloise the Chicken!
A very thirsty skunk! Carson the skunk!
Spooky Andrew the Dragon!
Watch out for Will the Incredible!
A hungry skunk!
A happy little threesome of animals!
You don't see me!!
I'm still hiding!
Check out my tail!
Time to paint!
Hard at work!
Busy Ellie!Check it out! I painted my hands!
Andrew, this paint isn't toxic but it's not edible!

Little Jimmy knows much more about painting since he's almost 2!
Time to play outside! Andrew is #12!
Wow! What a cool bucket!
There must be something cool up there!
Sharing a ride!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dipping is the way to go!

In an emergency dinner at Arby's last week, Carson discovered the joy of dipping his french fries in ketchup and ranch. So last night when he saw us squirting kechtup on our plates, he freaked out and wouldn't stop whining for some. That's exactly what we gave him, a big pile of ketchup and one french fry. He dipped and sucked for at least 15 minutes. The results were not pretty!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

OH NO!! We are THAT guy!

We were at a friend's birthday dinner last night at Old Market Pub. If you don't know that particular pub, just picture any sports bar very full of baseball fans watching the opening game of the World Series. Carson and his little girlfriend Ellie were the only two kids at the dinner, actually I think they were the only two kids at the pub. For most of the evening, they played happily in a back corner near an emergency exit. There were two small stairs and two medium pumpkins which was more than enough entertainment for two small toddlers.

Toward the end of the evening, Carson discovered a very fun "rope" to pull on. Unfortunately, it was not a rope but an extension cord. Just as I realized what it was and was moving in to grab him, he yanked it out of the electrical socket. Imagine the collective groan of a room full of sports fans as their precious game disappeared and the big screen tv went black. I COULD HAVE DIED!!!! As fast as I could plug it back in, it was not enough. Apparently the tv has to go through some sort of warm up or reboot so it remained dark for much too long.

We left as quickly as we could after that. We were so "that guy"!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Halloween from the Lil' Stinker!

So last week we attempted Halloween portraits at The Picture People. However due to a combination of new photographer, crabby Carson, and a white background, we had to leave without any photos! Carson's black & white skunk costume faded into the white background and it looked like he had a hole in his forehead!

So we tried again today since our coupons expired at midnight tonight. Unfortunately Carson remembered the experience he had last week and instantly starting crying and clinging to me. Not a great start. So when you view the following pictures, know that my son does smile, just not today. And also know that I am laying on my back with a black blanket over me, and Carson is sitting on my tummy. It was about 100 degrees underneath there and we had a slow photographer! We finally resorted to freeze dried apples to get him to leave my side!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Carson's 15 Months Old!

Carson went in to the pediatrician last week for his 15 month check up. He is officially 26 lbs (70th percentile) and 32.5 inches tall (90th percentile). He has 4 front upper teeth, 4 front lower teeth, and one half of a molar. Boy, molar are NO fun! They take forever and make Carson very cranky! Thank goodness for Motrin!!

Unfortunately he did remember that he gets a painful shot at the end. I was really surprised that he remembered but fortunately he stops crying pretty quickly!

Carson's TV Debut

Carson was invited to be on a special segment on FOX for toddler Halloween costumes. The owner of the Baby Boot Camp that we attend invited Carson to join her on the show. It aired Friday on FOX around 9:15. It can also be seen online at www.Better.tv - Just find the link that has a purple and green toddler monster. If it is archived by the time you check, do a search for "Toddler Costume" and click on the link for "Toddler Costume". Carson is in the segment several times and somehow yours truly accidentally got on there as well. Jeremy keeps making fun of me for mugging for the camera. Swear I didn't think I was on!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Cleaning up the barn for Halloween

Having a kid changes your world. Jeremy and I always used to do all of our projects together. From cleaning to building to decorating, we were always a team. One of the hardest things for me to adjust to so far is not being able to help Jeremy since I have to watch Carson. It has been fairly frustrating for me. So it's really nice now that Carson is so independent and can play while Jeremy and I work on tasks together. Carson stays pretty close to us and can stay very busy with odds and ends. I love it!

So we took a few hours on Sunday getting the barn ready for the annual Halloween party. It is amazing, amazingly ridiculous, how much STUFF two young (we still count as young at 32 years old) people can collect when given an unlimited amount of space, aka, the barn. We both inherited our parents need to save everything because you never know when it might come in handy. Ridiculous!

We did our best to consolidate bins, get rid of garbage, and put together a pile for Goodwill. That still left 11 bins of Christmas, 8 bins for Halloween, 4 bins of books, 10 bins of "garage" stuff including (but not limited to) sports, painting, tiling, electrical, plumbing, etc, etc. Ridiculous. I should really take a picture of it to do it justice.

AT ANY RATE, Carson was just too cute out in the field picking apples for me to resist taking a break and a few pictures!

Lookly closely at his grubby little brown paws!

Pumpkin Patch with Baby Boot Camp

The exercise classes I attend called Baby Boot Camp regularly have social gatherings. This time was a Pumpkin Patch event! We all met out at Kruger's Farm on Sauvie Island. The weather was absolutely beautiful, the hayride was bumpy, and the pumpkins were plentiful. Did I mention there were also freshly made doughnuts and kettle corn!!

Luka and I are thinking about trying out for the World's Strongest Toddler Competition!
This one is so orange and round!
More pumpkins please!
Does that boy have a tail behind me?
Wow! There are pumpkins everywhere!
Mom, Mom, look!

I swear, I'm not pooping!
Still not pooping. Just facinated by the family next to us with dreadlocks.
Do you like my gourd? Yours is great!
I'm getting sleepy!
Oh boy! GO KARTS!!
Group shot. Nearly impossible to get 8 kids to hold still long enough!
Where did everybody go?

My very own John Deere!
Please Mommy! Please can we take it home!!
Luka even volunteered to push it as far as he can.

How Old is Carson?

How Old is Keaton?