Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Month 14- Oops!! That's not a necklace!

Anyone who has spent time with Carson knows he LOVES to put things around his neck. Much to Jeremy's dismay I have found him twice at his little girlfriends' houses with feather boas around his neck. At another girlfriend's house, I discovered he was wearing at least 6 beaded necklaces and somehow managed to get a bracelet around his neck (which was cutting off his circulation but made a very fine choker).

I am almost too embarrassed to post these but it's just too funny not to. This morning I was rushing around getting ready to get out the door and turned around to find Carson wearing a pair of my underwear as a necklace. A great reminder that everything is fair game if left on the floor. I promise they will make it into the dirty clothes closet from now on!!!

Month 14- Playboy Baby

Somehow a pair of bunny ears came out of hiding (in my teacher boxes that went out with the recycling last week) and Carson (with his new love of hats) thinks they are just divine! He tries so hard to put them on right side up but it is a challenge!

Just right! Watch out "Girls Next Door" this bunny is a cutie!
Not quite right!
Daddy! I don't want to cuddle right now! I have bunny stuff to do!
And yes, he's wearing his jacket inside AGAIN (minus any pants)! He gets upset when we try to take it off. It's currently 85 degrees out.

Month 14- Playdate

Our weekly playgroup made the long trek out to our house this week. Carson and Luka enjoyed showing off for Kinley and Sydney!

Luka bulked up in the last few months! Check out his muscle shirt!
Luka was tickling Carson's feet but I didn't get there in time!
Kinley enjoying the toys!
Carson demostrating his football throw, Tiffany (Sydney's mom), Sydney talking on the playphone, and Luka driving the truck.

Month 14- Carter's Sale

The local Carter's rep has a sale twice a year or so where she sells all of her samples for $5. Brand new, still in the bag stuff! Now I'm not a huge Carter's fan but I love a sale so Carson, Aimee & Kinley, and I decided to check it out. I do love Carter's footy fleece pjs but we struck out in that department. Nothing. However, we did find three cute long sleeve shirts. Carson is into TRUCKS, TRACTORS, & AIRPLANES. He is also now noticing the designs and emblems on his clothes so I found two shirts with tractors on them. He loves them! I also found one shirt in ommage to his Daddy's childhood sport of soccer and position in the game. This adorable shirt says "Soccer Goal Keeper".

Monday, August 20, 2007

Month 14- Reading Trumps Toys

I never thought I'd see the day when Carson abandoned his toys for books but it has happened. All he wants to do is sit in our laps and read books. His board book collection is ridiculously huge and 6 more truck, tractor, and airplane board books are arriving tomorrow from It's so fun!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Month 14- Meeting Great Grandma's New Puppy

Carson's Great Grandma in California recently had to put her beloved Miniature Schnauzer, Beau, to sleep due to cancer. After a few months, she decided she was ready for a new puppy. It just so happened that there was one little baby Mini Schnauzer left in a litter locally in Beaverton so we decided to get him for her. Carson thought that the little "dog dog" was just perfect! He kept trying to kiss it and was a little too rough with his loving. The puppy got back at him later . . .

It fits in my lap!!
Kisses for dog-dog.
I love this little thing!!
Where'd he go??
He gives kisses back!
Time for paybacks! Dog-dog has ahold of my britches with sharp little teeth!Run Carson Run!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Month 14- Carson is in Charge!

I am really not prepared for having a child with a mind of his own. I stupidly thought he'd be my own little dress up doll for much longer than this. But apparently 13 month olds want what they want and when they want it.
Carson brought me his jacket yesterday morning and asked me "please" put it on him. He even stuck his little arm out. I questioned the move because it was 75 degrees in the house but he was adamant about wearing his jacket. Minutes later he brought me his sandals and sat in my lap for me to put them on him. This really threw me for a loop. I ran for the camera because the overall outfit was just too good to miss. He wasn't wearing any pants!

And even though it looks a little scary in the picture, Jackson is NOT about to eat Carson.Now, this morning it started all over again with the jacket. Only he added his hat to the mix!
But he didn't stop at just one hat. He insisted on wearing his cowboy hat on top of his baseball hat. I didn't have the heart to tell him that it just doesn't work that way.
At least he has pants on this time.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Month 14- Busy Day

Last night Carson was really tired because he's switching to one nap which sometimes just isn't enough. So around 6:30 (an hour before his normal bedtime) we were playing in his room and he started signing "please" and pointing at his crib. I wasn't really sure what he wanted because I think he think please means "I want that" so I got his blankie out. He kept pointing and signing please so I ended up putting him to bed early and he was perfectly happy!

Today he had a super busy day. We headed to the zoo for a playdate with Amy & Kinley at 9:30. He absolutely exhausted himself and took a 2.5 hour nap and then woke up at 2 pm to have a playdate with Kellee and his friend Luka.

That wore him out even more but it wasn't enough so we headed to the Rose Garden in Washington Park for a concert and picnic with Amy & Madi, and Aimee & Kinley. Mr. Social ran all over the grassy amphitheater inserting himself in everyone else's picnics. If they were eating something that looked good, he signed please to them until they paid attention. Only most people don't expect a 13 month old to know that so all they saw was a little blue eyed towhead rubbing his belly and looking at them expectantly.

Carson doesn't have a shy bone in his body! We finally had to leave because all three babes were breaking down and ready for bed. Carson fell asleep with just 10 minutes to go until home. It's tiring being a toddler!

WARNING: The following pictures break every rule about babies NOT sleeping with loose blankets. I did make sure his little nose was uncovered enough to breathe. He was out cold when I took these pictures. It was too cute to resist and I actually risked waking him up with the flash twice!!

Where is Carson?

Notice the feet up on the crib slats!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Month 14- Woodie Romper

Carson's fan club love to buy him "Woodie" memorabilia in tribute to the Dodge Woodie that he will inherit one day in the future. His Great Aunt Pam found this Woodie romper at her favorite boutique in California. It sure brings out the blue in his eyes! He got compliments all day long today for his stylish togs!

Reading . . . I actually read books more than I play with my toys these days!
Trying to remember the sign for "dog-dog".
I'm helping Mommy water the flowers.
Am I cute or what!?

Month 14- Airshow Party

The annual Rose Festival Airshow was in town with the Blue Angels. We enjoyed a beautifully sunny day at the Leos with all the kids in tow. We started early at 10:30 am and didn't pack up the car to head home until after 5:30!!

3 month old baby Ellie before the jets flew by . . .

After the jets roared overhead!
Andrew going for a ride in his wagon.

Lucas having a little lunch.
Toddler Ellie showing us that a tutu, a tiara, and a cowboy hat can all work together!
Carson, again with his passion for things around his neck, decided to steal all of the Bongo Balls.
And for good measure he carried the golf club around in case the balls fell.

Wow! That is close!
Too loud for Amelia!!
Is the pilot waving at us?

Andrew and Carson having some lunch.
Eating and eating and eating!
Notice the new outfit and new mohawk, yes, he's eating again later in the day! Our grocery bill is through the roof right now! I can't imagine what it will be like when he's a teenager!

How Old is Carson?

How Old is Keaton?