Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sunriver Vacation 2007!

We rented a house with the Leo's and the Hook's and all 9 of us partied the weekend away in Sunriver! With three toddlers, the sleep was limited but the laughs were unlimited! Fortunately each bedroom had a walk-in closet so each baby got their "own" bedroom! The mommies got massages on Friday. The daddies golfed on Saturday. All of us hit the Prineville Rodeo to cap off a great weekend! There are over 300 pictures so bear with me as I slowly add them! Check back for updates!

Carson & Daddy bonding!
Daddies and babies getting ready to head into the Lava Tubes. They didn't realize until they got down a half mile that it was FREEZING cold and everyone was wearing shorts!

More daddy time!

This car is so fun!I don't need toys! Just this cardboard box is fine!Andrew didn't think anybody was watching . . . Carson was just taking too long on the car!Andrew and Daddy JayTime for drinks at the pre-rodeo party!Pretty little cowgirl Eloise!

Just too darn cute!

Hey little lady! Can I get you an ice cube?

Month 12 Week 2- More Zoo Time!

Six mommies and seven kids all gathered at the zoo for a sunny, HOT, day! We enjoyed the petting zoo and the bird of prey show.

Carson, Madison, & Kinley
I LOVE the zoo!
This goat is so soft!
Yum! Lunchtime!
Once again, exhausted by all the fun at the zoo!

Month 12- Week 2- Extreme Diaper Rash

Carson has never before experienced diaper rash. A little red here and there but nothing serious. Not sure if was the teething or the mandarin oranges but our poor little guy developed the most extreme case of diaper rash ever! It looked like someone had held a torch to his tushie! He screamed in pain and we had to use cotton balls soaked in water to clean him off. We tried to let him air out as much as possible! Of course when I finally broke down and called the doctor, it got better the morning of the appointment!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Month 12- Week 1- Father's Day

We spent all weekend working on the yard to finish up the landscaping before Carson's first birthday party. Sunday was "playground" day. We inherited two free playstructures from a neighbor and a friend. Most excellent but we did then have to bring in several tons of boulders and fill to create a flat area for them! You would think with 4.5 acres we would have plenty of area but no. So we shoved millions of cedar chips in to create a fun and safe area. Other than the 6 foot drop off the boulder retaining wall . . . a fence is next on the priority list!

Daddy and Carson swinging! Too cute!
Carson in his very own car swing!

Month 12- Week 1- Yoga Baby

Month 12- Week 1- Last day of Music Class

We finished up another 10 weeks of music class. This time we were in a mixed age class so it was about half babies and half 2-3 year olds. Our instructor was off the wall crazy and sang everything, literally everything. "Please stop talking" was sung to us. "How was your week" was sung to us. "Did you wash your hands after you used the potty?" was sung to us. I did not fit in because I do not sing to communicate.

On the first day of this class, I came home and said to Jeremy, "Wow, those 2 year olds! There mom's just let them run around instead of paying attention to the instructor. I don't think I'd do that since the class cost $155!" Yet here we are just a few weeks later and there is no way on God's green earth that I can keep my son in my lap to "pay attention to the teacher". He just wants to crawl, and now walk, everywhere. His favorite places were underneath the table or hanging onto the window sill. Funny how your perspective can change radically once you're in the situation.

Carson's girlfriend, Kinley, 9 months old

Carson in his usual position watching music class from the window.
Carson's girlfriend Madison, 10 months.

Carson and Madison are more interested in this little boy's toys than singing. Notice Teacher Claire on the right trying her darndest to get their attention. Then Carson and Madison decided to race off from the circle.Is this a love pat or a naughty smack on the back of the head?

Whos is this crazy lady that keeps following me singing everything? Oh ya, that's our teacher!Not really sure about this crazy parachute thing! I think I'll just stand at a safe distance!Drums are our favorite!

You know what's better than drums! Maracas! And they are great for eating! We're so glad our Mommies spent so much money for us to learn music!

Month 12- Week 1- Learning How to Walk

Just a couple of cute pics of Carson learning to walk!
Standing cautiously!Looking around to see if help is on the way!

Taking off and laughing at the thought of his freedom!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Cancel the order on baby dentures! Carson FINALLY cut his first tooth! I'm the world's worst mother because I thought he was just being cranky so I let him cry in his crib. Didn't figure it out until after it was over. Oops! It's a sharp little bugger!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Just two days shy turning 11 months, Carson is officially walking! It is the most exciting thing ever and we are such proud parents! He, of course, took off at a run and each day improves in leaps and bounds. Friday night was the big night with 5-8 steps at a time. As of tonight, Sunday, just two days later, he is figuring out how to turn instead of going in a straight line.

More - can't get enough of him!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Helping Mommy Race!- Mother's Day Weekend

The day before Mother's Day we packed up and drove down to Champogee Park for the "Hippie Chick Half Marathon". Along with 800 other women, I ran 13.1 miles through the park. It was great because it was two loops so I got to see my fans, Jeremy and Carson, four times throughout the race. Carson had a tough time picking me out as I ran by but he appeared to be having a grand time playing in the grass.

Before the race!Focusing on the cute baby!
Hi Mommy! Good job!
Mommy's water bottles are much more fun that my bottles! It's a bit chilly so I have my warm suit on!Do you want to try this Daddy?Phew! All done!

10 Months-Week 3- Zoo Trip with Ian

Carson, Carson's sitter, Jeremy (yes-same name as Daddy), and his son Ian (13 months) and I all went to the zoo in very hot temps on Thursday! Had a great time! I chased Ian around and Carson crawled and climbed everywhere.

We were there during Carson's naptime and he lasted through most of it. But near the end he just plain tuckered out!

How Old is Carson?

How Old is Keaton?