Saturday, March 24, 2007

Month 8 Week 2- The Easter Bunny!

We stopped by the mall for a quick lunch on Thursday and discovered that the Easter Bunny was in town for pictures! We didn't even have to wait in line (unlike the hour wait for Santa)!

Carson is a speedy crawler these days and loves to beeline it for the dog water bowl when I'm not looking. He is having some tough times distinguishing between sleeping and playing. He used to be such a good sleeper and now he wakes up and pulls himself up to standing and waits for one of us to come in. It's so frustrating but then so hard to be mad at him when he smiles so sweetly and waves when we walk in. We're probably going to have to go through some crying in order to help him figure out that we aren't going to come in every time anymore.

No teeth yet but we started "chunky" real food this week. At first he didn't like the texture at all but within a few days he is chowing down. String cheese, pears, rice, beans, chicken, crackers, so far so good! I'm excited for him but not looking forward to actually having to plan his meals and grocery shop. The baby food jars are so convenient!! Plus he makes such a mess feeding himself!

He officially said "dada" this week. He's not sure what it means yet but it is very clear and Daddy is thrilled! I swear he said "hi kitty" on Thursday but nobody believes me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

7 Months Week 4- Maui!!

Due to a serious lack of time right now, a baby adjusting back to a 3 hour time difference, and Jeremy being out of town for three days, I will have to catch up Carson's blog next week. But for those starving for pictures of our Maui adventure, please check our family website at

In a nutshell, our trip was interesting and challenging. Carson got sick (for the first time) the day we left and was miserable with a cold, cough, sore throat, and fever. When baby is miserable, Mommy and Daddy are miserable! After three days of crying and no sleep, we ended up in urgent care to get help. Of course no miracle drug, just Motrin every 4 hours and Benadryl to help him sleep. It got a little better but there was still lots and lots of crying (all three of us).

The exciting parts of the week include Carson learning how to crawl, pull himself up on any vertical object to standing, waving at people (especially blonde women), and clapping. The minute we got home he zeroed in within 2 minutes to the dog's water bowl!! Crawling babies find EVERYTHING!!

Carson loved the pool and flirted with all the ladies he could lay eyes on. We're going to have our hands full! He is proving to be an incredibly active little boy who doesn't sit still for long!

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