Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our Beautiful Boy

Daddy also has a Craig's List addiction problem but he won't admit it.

Saturday morning we met a man at Starbucks to exchange cash for a camera lens. I really don't understand why we needed a fourth lens (and this is the smallest one by far).

But according to these pictures, this lens rocks!

Mommy's Craig List Addiction Strikes Again

Today I paid $30 for this box.
I will be the first to admit, I have a problem. I am addicted to Craig's List. I think it's a gene I inherited from my mother and her old garage saling addiction.

My latest purchase wasn't supposed to happen. I told the lady that I couldn't drive all the way to Washugal or Camas to pick it up.

When she told me her husband worked in Beaverton and it turned out he works less than a mile from my office, I told her "SOLD!"

I didn't tell Jeremy until the last minute possible. And I PROMISEd not to open the box in front of Carson. But after bedtime tonight, I opened the box.

31 trucks for just $30!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know who was more excited?? ME . . . look at that loot! Daddy . . . he had to test them all out. Or Carson?? He has only seen the large firetruck and that kept him busy for over an hour.
How do you spell S-P-O-I-L-E-D

My Other Woman

Kinley doesn't know about Carson's "other woman" Eloise. But Eloise wanted to help Carson celebrate his belated birthday too! They took turns riding around on the motorized cars until the batteries ran out!

I am really studley on my tractor!
Hey guys! I'm over here!
Hot nude chick on a tractor!
I need my princess tiara to go with this ultracool tractor!
Pull over!
Watch out!
Go go go!
Silly Mommy and Daddy are controlling me with a remote! Why can't they cut the strings!
This is my super cool digger that Nana got me for my birthday. I was too scared to ride it until Eloise came over. Then I got this OVERWHELMING urge to ride it. Mommy said I was "showing off". I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing.

Ummm, Bacon! It's Fair Time!

It's Washington County Fair time!! Yay! Perfect weather!! 75 degrees! Overcast so no sunburn worries!

Highlights: TRACTORS, MerryGoRound, Ice Cream Cones, and MORE Tractors!

First try with Mommy because it feels safer.
My very own DIGGA!
Why does Mommy keep licking her lips?
Ummm, Bacon!

This is the BEST thing I've ever done!!
I can hold onto the reins just like my Auntie Ziza!
Guess who we saw! My girlfriend Kinley! She likes tractors too! That makes me like her even more!
We're trying hard to share but it's not easy.
One more ride on this sweet pony! Daddy got to go with me this time!
I don't know why Mommy likes bacon so much. This ice cream cone is super!

My Toes Hurt!

We used to go to the mall a lot to kill time and play in the indoor playground. I popped into Stride Rite or Nordstrom every other month and get his feet measured because they would grow so fast. He was going up a size every few months.

So, last fall I bought three pairs of size 7 shoes from a friend for Carson to use in the spring and summer. They were adorable and cheap and practically brand new! His feet had been growing so fast that I figured it wouldn't be long before he'd be wearing them. Boy was I wrong! He has worn the same three pairs of shoes since last fall.

Since he started "school" in January, I rarely ever take him to the mall. In fact, I was "sizing" his feet by holding up his bare feet to the outside of the new shoes. They always looked huge so I'd put them back.

Thursday in a quick spare minute, I popped into the Nordstrom sale and picked him up a REALLY cute pair of Nikes for cheap! Then I got them home and something didn't quite feel right. Size 7. Strangely his other Nikes were a 6.5. I panicked and dragged him back to the mall with us on Saturday.

Turns out his feet finally grew! He's now a big 6.5 . . . meaning I've been cramming his feet into size 6's for who knows how long!! I feel really, really badly because I've always wondered why he had callouses on the ends of his toes.

Bad mommy!

Belated Birthday Picnic

Carson's girlfriend Kinley didn't get to see him for his birthday due to his dreaded, contagious state. So we enjoyed a belated bday picnic Friday night at the beautiful Camp Rivendale Park. The adults hid their cocktails in discreet cups and the kids ran wild. A great way to unwind, not have to cook or clean, and enjoy the fresh Oregon air.

Sweet Kinley brought cupcakes for me!
What? I've got something on my face? Where?
HAAAAAAPEEEE BirthdAAAAAAYYYY! (singing while eating)
Super comfy swings!
We're pooped! And I think I might have pooped.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Novice, I'm just a Novice.

Clearly I am a novice mom. Or perhaps just an idiot. Why on earth did I think it would be a good idea to stop at the berry stand on the way home and give each of the boys a mix of blueberries, raspberries, and marionberries. I was so excited! I even had extra ziplocks so they could each have their own bag for the car ride home.

I'm so dumb that I even pulled over after they emptied/ate their first bags, to give them more. 4 miles later I had to pull over again. Only this time, it required 10 wipes and some elbow grease. No more berries in the car. At least not for Carson.

Further more, when I decided to capture the moment on video, I turned the camera vertically. Complely forgetting that you can only take video horizontally. So rather than make everyone watch it with their laptops tipped up sideways, I downloaded free "flip it" software that fixes videos for idiot's like me. The only catch is that it also reduces the quality of the video. So you have to look really closely because it's a bit more grainy. But it's still funny. Turn it up as usual!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We are SO "that guy"!!

Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease Update:

Last week: Only 1 reported transmission of HFMD. In the three hours before Carson was officially diagonosed with HFMD, he played with my client's children during her new construction walk-thru. They played hide and seek, stole chips from each other and held hands. Carson just adores Eva!

Five days later I got the call no mother (or business woman) wants to get. In the middle of moving into her new home, my poor client discovered that her daughter had contracted the dreaded disease! AND her daughter was at daycare so who knows how many more were exposed! Nothing like trying to move into your new home with a sick 3 year old underfoot!

Today: The sign was still up on the door of Carson's classroom at daycare. "BEWARE to all who enter, this room has a confirmed case of HFMD" I cringe every time I walk by it knowing we are the cause.

Well, this afternoon, a substitute teacher wearing latex gloves asked Carson to show her his hands before he left. I stupidly asked if they were doing a messy art project . . . no she says, we have to check for HFMD. I was mortified, I instantly had to admit that Carson was the originator. That's when I realized the latex gloves were to protect her from the evil illness.

Then I innocently asked the question . . . did anyone else come down with it? Hoping, wishing, praying the answer was no.

Not one, not two, but TEN! TEN cases of HFMD!!!!!!

I could have died!! Seven cases in Carson's toddler room and three cases in the infant room next door. I felt so terrible!!!!!

We are so that guy!

For anyone reading my blog whose children have not contracted this lovely disease yet, here is some light reading on the subject in case you get suspicious! It is in the top 10 most common childhood rashes.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stats Updated

Two year check up went well:

Height: 36 inches (90th %)
Weight: 29.6 lbs (75%)
Picky eating: Right on target
Tantrums: Normal

It Happened

Several months ago, I blogged that Carson had figured out how to escape from his pack n play. We were so worried that he would no longer nap in it at Jeremy & Ian's on Mondays but it hasn't been a problem.

So it finally happened. We were camping in Champoeg Park this weekend. The first night was fairly uneventful. Carson's pack n play is perched up on the "dining room" table converted to a double bed. In other words, it is about a foot off the ground. He slept find but got up early.

That day Nana & Poppa, "Ziza" and "Ga" came to have lunch with us at the campground. We all enjoyed lounging in the sun and hanging out. Carson was NOT interested in taking a nap even though we'd postponed it to 1 pm. For nap time, his pack n play is on the floor of the camper in between the couch and the dining room. I took him in after he said his night-nights to the gang. I turned up the "rain" in the camper, shut the door, and turned on the monitor.

We were all entertained for a good 30 minutes with his chatter:

Poppa Nana meem meem (Poppa and Nana rode their motorcycle here for a visit)

Poppa meem meem go! (Poppa take your motorcycle and get going!)

Poppa meem meem NO! (Poppa I really like to look at your motorcycle but I don't want to ride it)

We were joking about how funny it would be if we looked over and saw his little face peeking at us through the mini-blinds.

Thanks to the monitor we heard some odd clickings and hitting noises. Then it got quiet. I thought we were in the clear, he had finally fallen asleep. A few minutes went by.

Then there were more strange noises that sounded like Carson had actually picked up the monitor and rubbed it on his shirt or something. Jeremy got suspicious and headed over to the door. About 8 feet from the door, the monitor suddenly beeping wildly. It only does that for one reason . . . it lost it's connection to the base unit. Which could only mean one thing . . . I absolutely lost it laughing at that point because Carson had obviously escaped from his prison and was trying to sabotage our spy technique.

Jeremy ripped open the door and there he was was. Standing there with the monitor in his hand and looking as guilty as a two year old can look. I couldn't help it and laughed even harder. Jeremy slammed the door shut and we heard howling from within. Carson knew he was in big trouble and cried with all his might.

I got in trouble for laughing and then we all started laughing again. Fortunately he went to sleep instantly this time. Who knows what we'll do next time!

Another funny event. Our beer opener in the camper sings the University of Oregon Duck Football fight song when you crack open a bottle. I was trying to figure out how it worked but was stumped. Jeremy figured it out and taught Carson the secret. For your viewing pleasure (and remember to turn up your volume).

It wasn't me!

Why can't they find a 4 wheeler just a little bigger? Mommy & Daddy just chillin! Biking is so easy. I don't know why they complain about it.
I think there are bugs in my teeth!

Nana & Poppa- Meem meem! Lunch crew
This zerrbert thing is hilarious!
Camping is the best! Giddyup Mommy!
Whoa there! This horse is waaay bigger than Nana & Poppa's.
Tractors are my favorite!
Darn it! Where's my John Deere hat?
Trick Rider!
Trick dismount! Jump!
Trick or treat!
My new camping friend Cameron lent me his scooter! Wow! This is so sweet!
Where did my diapers go? First attempt at campfire cooking! Roasted potatoes!
Cheddar brauts and crunchy potatoes! Yum!
Mac & cheese & milk! Yum!
Hat swap!

How Old is Carson?

How Old is Keaton?