Friday, August 11, 2006

Carson's First Three Days

Day 1--Carson was strong from the start and during his first bath with the nurse he almost turned over! She warned us to be watchful of him!

Day 2!! He slept a lot and ended up with a case of jaundice. He had to be wrapped in a "billy blanket" which used light to help get rid of the jaundice. He quickly ended up with the nickname "Glow Worm"!

This is Carson getting ready to go home! He is wearing his size 50 Hannah Anderson pj's that Kari & Kristin insisted on and the handmade booties that Great Grandma Kuntz made for Grandpa Gary Kuntz to come home from the hospital in, which Mommy Kristin also came home in! How cool!

The car seat was a mystery! We had no idea how to put him in! The nurse wasn't allowed to help, understandable but ridiculous at the same time! He looked way too small and his tiny head flopped to one side!

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