Thursday, October 05, 2006

Week 13- The Happy and Sad of It!

C-Man demonstating his "sad face" with the projectile lower lip. This one was not followed by tears but an even bigger sad face.
Now Carson is used to dogs and their slobbery kisses, however, he is not usually on the floor with them. While the adults were busy, little Whitney (a 14 year old Maltese-Poodle) decided to investigate the inside of Carson's mouth . . . with her tounge! By the time any of us realized what was happening, Carson was more than a little unhappy! We rushed in to his rescue and rinsed both of their mouthes with Scope!

What!? Only three fingers this time?
Nana Kelly just couldn't stop smiling as she cuddles her first born grandson!
If you'll notice in the picture above, Carson is not smiling. So Mommy decided to try the trick the photographers at Babies R Us use and make a very loud, high pitched, obnoxious sound, similar to a bird in the rainforest. Well, that completely backfired and resulted in the fourth and worst melt-down Carson has ever experienced. He screamed for a good five minutes. If you wonder why Nana Kuntz is smiling in this picture, it's because we all couldn't stop laughing, as terrible as that sounds! Poor guy!

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