Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Week 16- Tummy Time with Daddy

Carson usually just hates "Tummy Time" but as this session was especially enjoyable since Daddy was entertaining him with funny faces! Forgive us if these pictures seem somewhat repetitive but trust me when I say, each one is just too cute to delete!!!

Carson's just not sure about Daddy's goofy faces in the mirror! Carson loves to smile but he's a bit cameras shy right now! If you look closely, you can see the spit up starting to leak out of the corner of his mouth!
Why won't Daddy back off? I need a little space ;-)
Now I have room! Watch me push up!
Rocking and rolling . . . not quite but trying.
Trying to get up even higher!Hey Ma! Look at me!

This IS my cute face!

The aftermath of too much tummy time after dinner . . . sorry! Gross picture but it's reality!

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