Thursday, November 02, 2006

Week 17- Halloween Costumes & Touching Toes!

A few exciting firsts this week! Carson began touching his toes and rolling onto his side from his back. This was also his first week in the exersaucer without blankets padding him in. He is loving the freedom of going forward and backward. Time to buy a jumperoo! Carson also spent the night at Nana & Grandpa Kuntz's for Mommy and Daddy to have their adult Halloween party. In fact, he spent most of the weekend there and had a blast!

He also graduated to his 6-9 month clothes! Baby clothes are so frustrating when it comes to sizing! Gap, Gymboree, and Old Navy- he is wearing the 6-12 month clothes but in the Target brand, he is a 9-12 month size. Granted he is a big little boy but the inconsistency is infuriating!

Mommy & Daddy's social life is suffering because Carson goes to bed around 6:15-6:30 pm. Great for getting things done around the house but murder on evenings out! But he usually only gets up at 4 am to eat and then 6:45 am he is up for good.

Touching my toes is so fun! Especially without clothes getting in the way!

I feel like such a stud muffin with these two cute ladies! They made a very cute cowgirl and Indian!

Katlynn and Emily are 4 and 2 and love playing with me! I'm like a live dolly for them!

Reece is just over a week younger than me but we're darn close in size! It turns out that he is a lion too! I was very impressed by his paws and tried to pull them off. We didn't time our smiles very well . . . our photographers finally ran out of patience. Thank goodness for digital pics or they would have run out of film!Lions are the cool thing this year! I found another one! My friend Aaron is 8 months old and he has a really cool tail that snaps off. My tail is stuck underneath me somewhere! I hope I'm done dressing up for Halloween now!

Now I'm hanging with my friend Luka! He was born on the day I was supposed to arrive! Our parents met in a child birth class and now we get to play together! Apparently I'm not done dressing up yet! Trying to get both the kangaroo and the lion to smile at the same time was a bit challenging! So darn cute!
Now our mommies just let us be regular baby boys! We enjoyed tummy time much more when we could stare at each other!Here we tried to get in the exact same pose but couldn't quite get it right!

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