Thursday, December 28, 2006

Week 24- Christmas at Nana & Grandpa Kuntz's

Carson doesn't just get to celebrate Christmas once . . . with our large, spread out families, he gets to celebrate 4 times this year and he's still missing 2 of the celebrations! He began the holidays at Nana & Grandpa Kuntz's with Aunt Liza & Uncle Jeff. As expected, Nana went overboard and Carson had lots of presents to open. He thoroughly enjoyed eating wrapping paper and crunching tissue paper. The actual presents didn't receive nearly the same attention!
We did cheat on his bedtime and tried to get him to stay up later. However he only made it through the first round of presents. We had to put everything on hold while he made his exit to Nana's crib.

Auntie Liza helping Carson open his new clothes! Really getting the hang of it!
Keeping Grandpa entertained!
Getting love from Nana
Just loving life as usual!
Winding down . . . time for a binkie

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