Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Years!

New Years 2006 was a bit different this year with babies! We celebrated with our friends Blair & Laurel and their daughter Eloise. We all played with Fisher Price and stuffed animals until baby bedtimes. Then the grown-ups had a delicious meal of Chinese food and an even yummier dessert of chocolate fondue. Eloise was kind enough to let Carson sleep in her crib (he didn't mind the pink ;-). The next morning, the kids entertained each other while the grown-ups recovered on the couch. Eloise tried to teach Carson how to crawl and stand up, fortunately he's not ready yet!
Carson enjoying Eloise's toys!
Carson & Eloise munching on the same toy!
Carson, still munching on a toy while Eloise displays her coordination!
Eloise is snacking on the corner of the coffee table
Self-portrait of the Mommies & Daddies
Just too darn cute! Carson can stand but isn't 100% so I'm holding his thigh. Eloise however is very proficient at table-walking!
Smiling for the camera!
Daddy's are having a race!

Video Clip of the "Patting Table"

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