Monday, January 01, 2007

Week 24- Christmas in California with Everyone!

Everyone was on hand to enjoy Christmas in California with my extended family. Carson is the first great-grandchild so he was spoiled rotten! It was a full house with lots of laughs and good times.

Carson, Great Grandma Kuntz, and twin 2nd cousins, Chad & Jared
Carson & Mommy! This was a riot! My cousin Sara and her husband Jens are expecting their first baby in April. They are trying to get their young Lab used to a little one but he wasn't really interested. So Jens placed a dog cookie on Carson's leg to try to get the dog closer. Unfortunately it didn't work but it was hilarious watching the progress.

Carson was enjoying the grocery bag more than the expensive toys!
Carson's favorite gift arrived from his Great Aunt Pam and Great Uncle Jack's Horse Ranch! His very own rocking horse! He couldn't stop smiling and laughing. This horse wags its tail, moves its head up and down, shakes its muzzle, and neighs and clipclops!
Look Ma! No hands!!Aunt Liza, the horse trainer, didn't like the "no hands" riding and had to teach Carson the proper way to hold on. He took his lesson very seriously!

Perfect positioning Carson! Aunt Liza is proud of you! This does take much more concentration than just grabbing mane!

Later that night, still riding with his Great Aunt Pam!

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