Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Week 27- Goofy Guy- Bathtime & Eating

Sorry about all the food pics but mealtimes are our daily entertainment! Carson has recovered from his initial hatred of peas and now loves them. In fact, he eats whatever you put in his mouth! He's experienced green beans, bananas, peaches, prunes, carrots, peas, barley cereal, and oatmeal cereal. He begged for a sip of my Tai soup yesterday but wasn't impressed by all the seasoning.

Here is a very entertaining round with bananas. Not sure why he's making the horrible faces, other than we laugh hysterically every time so he may be learning "humor" early on.
Are you sure these are bananas? No more!!
Are we done yet?
Carson loves eating everything, regardless of the item's original purpose! During bathtime, he discovered that his rubber duckies make great bathtime binkies!
What do you mean this isn't a binkie? It sure feels like one!
Too bad I can only fit one in at a time!

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