Wednesday, May 23, 2007

10 Months Week 2- DARE DEVIL

Eating is now absolutely disgusting at times! He tried ravioli and didn't really care for the sauce. Our son is quite the climber. We discovered this when at 8 months old, he climbed onto the drum at music class! He climbs stairs at an extremely fast pace, scary if I'm not paying 100% attention! Now he loves getting up on his diaper box (world's cheapest toy)!So proud of himself!
Mommy! Don't you think I'm funny!
The next climbing trick caught us completely off guard and now has us shaking in our boots for the impending future. What does this mean? We are so impressed by his ingenuity but had to hide our grins as we told him, "No thank you!"
Was this just a crazy coincidence or is our son just pure genius ;-) We now have cabinet locks on every door and drawer and he still manages to get in trouble! We found him in the office closet going through photo albums earlier this week. He managed to take the lid off the bathroom garbage, gross! And now he has taken to throwing all of his wet bath toys at Daddy and shrieking with laughter. Meanwhile, Daddy is not laughing at all. Mommy has to turn away because she's laughing so hard ;-) His current nickname is the "Tornado of Destruction". This leaves me wondering if maybe a sweet, quiet little sister might be easier than a second crazy boy!

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