Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Month 12- Week 1- Last day of Music Class

We finished up another 10 weeks of music class. This time we were in a mixed age class so it was about half babies and half 2-3 year olds. Our instructor was off the wall crazy and sang everything, literally everything. "Please stop talking" was sung to us. "How was your week" was sung to us. "Did you wash your hands after you used the potty?" was sung to us. I did not fit in because I do not sing to communicate.

On the first day of this class, I came home and said to Jeremy, "Wow, those 2 year olds! There mom's just let them run around instead of paying attention to the instructor. I don't think I'd do that since the class cost $155!" Yet here we are just a few weeks later and there is no way on God's green earth that I can keep my son in my lap to "pay attention to the teacher". He just wants to crawl, and now walk, everywhere. His favorite places were underneath the table or hanging onto the window sill. Funny how your perspective can change radically once you're in the situation.

Carson's girlfriend, Kinley, 9 months old

Carson in his usual position watching music class from the window.
Carson's girlfriend Madison, 10 months.

Carson and Madison are more interested in this little boy's toys than singing. Notice Teacher Claire on the right trying her darndest to get their attention. Then Carson and Madison decided to race off from the circle.Is this a love pat or a naughty smack on the back of the head?

Whos is this crazy lady that keeps following me singing everything? Oh ya, that's our teacher!Not really sure about this crazy parachute thing! I think I'll just stand at a safe distance!Drums are our favorite!

You know what's better than drums! Maracas! And they are great for eating! We're so glad our Mommies spent so much money for us to learn music!

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