Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sunriver Vacation 2007!

We rented a house with the Leo's and the Hook's and all 9 of us partied the weekend away in Sunriver! With three toddlers, the sleep was limited but the laughs were unlimited! Fortunately each bedroom had a walk-in closet so each baby got their "own" bedroom! The mommies got massages on Friday. The daddies golfed on Saturday. All of us hit the Prineville Rodeo to cap off a great weekend! There are over 300 pictures so bear with me as I slowly add them! Check back for updates!

Carson & Daddy bonding!
Daddies and babies getting ready to head into the Lava Tubes. They didn't realize until they got down a half mile that it was FREEZING cold and everyone was wearing shorts!

More daddy time!

This car is so fun!I don't need toys! Just this cardboard box is fine!Andrew didn't think anybody was watching . . . Carson was just taking too long on the car!Andrew and Daddy JayTime for drinks at the pre-rodeo party!Pretty little cowgirl Eloise!

Just too darn cute!

Hey little lady! Can I get you an ice cube?

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