Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Party- Part One

The birthday was a blast! Only a few of the guests knew that for three days prior to the party, the Rader Residence had NO water!! Our well pump had electrical problems and we had to water plants with bottled water, shower at the Kuntz's, and make sure not to flush the toilets for three very long days.

A wonderful assortment of family and friends gathered from near and far to celebrate Carson's first birthday! He enjoyed every minute of it!

Aunt Liza, Carson, & Grandma Kuntz

Grandpa Rader and Carson Grandma Levy and Carson!Grandpa Kuntz and Carson!We have a no sugar rule so Carson REALLY enjoyed his birthday cake of PURE sugar!

More!!!Carson's girfriends Madison and Kinley got to swing in his race cars!

Friends Jamieson, Matt, and Aunt Liza!
Always the center of attention! Appears to be telling his favorite story!
All done!

Too cute!

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  1. Ha! Well at least you can't blame the way he eats cake on Uncle Brian!! Oh wait yeah you can!! Sorry!!

    Realy upset we had to miss the party but we'll spoil him doubly next year for sure to make up for it!


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