Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Month 13- Chicken Pox Scare

Carson is a pretty healthy little guy but we had an interesting day today! 12 days ago, he had 1 year shots at the doctor. I remember Dr. M saying there was a possibility of a low fever and mild rash 1-2 weeks after the shot. So when Carson got a mild fever and a small rash on the side of his face Sunday night, I didn't worry. I actually pride myself on not worrying. It takes a lot for me to call the advice nurse or doctor.

So Monday rolled around and the "mild rash" was a little worse. About half of his face was covered in little red bumps. We went on our playdate anyway. Two adorable little girls dressed him, carried him around, and read him books.

Monday night things got a little worse. The red bumps were spreading. We were convinced at this point that he had contracted chicken pox from his shot. I called a friend who is a nurse and she was pretty sure it was a rash from his MMR shot. We Googled it but none of the pictures for either problem matched Carson. On top of everything, Carson is cutting all four top teeth at once. Then he knocked his head really hard on the door frame. We all went to bed hoping that everything would get better overnight.

Tuesday: 5:30 am Jeremy leaves for airport. 6:30 am I roll out of bed, shower and get ready for my "kid free" day. Tuesdays are Carson's day at the babysitter so I had a full schedule including three client meetings and a long awaited haircut (keep in mind my stylist books up 6 weeks in advance). 7:15 am Bad News! Carson is now covered in a zillion red bumps that are looking more and more like the chicken pox!! Begrudgingly I called his sitter to cancel, no good in passing this along to anyone else. I was scared I was going to have to call the mother of the two little girls from yesterday and tell her we gave them chickenpox. T

The doctor's office opened at 8, apparently advice nurses don't come on until 9 or later. I gave up and cancelled all my appointments for the day. Including my hair cut!!! Not to be selfish but it was a very difficult moment as a mother!!

At 11:40 am we rang a bell at a secret back door at the doctor's office. I half expected a nurse in a hazmat suit to let us in. We were ushered into the closest room, which is where they quarantine patients. It clearly is used for nothing else since it had the leftover and half broken furniture. I was a little nervous to touch anything!

Final diagnosis: very rare reaction to the vaccines he'd received. Poor little guy was one in a hundred! Thank goodness it wasn't the pox! Here are some pictures of his condition. They really don't illustrate the worst of it. We're scheduled to go to the public library tomorrow for a kids' concert. I'm making him a little button that says "I swear I'm not contagious" You should see the looks we got today!

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