Friday, August 03, 2007

Month 13- Exciting Sign Language Update

We have been teaching Carson sign language since he was 5-6 months old. The work is paying off! He started signing "milk" first and that was so exciting! He loves the fact that he can communicate. At first milk just meant milk. Then it became "I want that" for any item.

There was a two month or so delay before the next sign but we kept at it. Then last Friday night out of the clear blue came the next one. He had finished his dinner and was doing his nightly laps around the living room and kitchen. We had company over and were eating our "grown up" dinner of spicy curry chicken and rice. Carson kept begging for some so I put a little spoonful in his mouth thinking he would spit it out. Much to our surprise, he instantly signed "more"!! VERY, very exciting and we were laughing hysterically since it was spicy food that prompted Carson to show his second sign.

Then, less than a week later, I was having dinner at a friend's house and we were eating our yummy dessert. Carson was sitting on my lap watching me eat an oreo cookie ice cream bar. He is not allowed to have "sugary" sweets so in theory, he really didn't know what I was eating. Yet, all of the sudden he signed "eat, eat"! I was so proud of him I almost caved in and gave him some! But alas, instead he had to be satisfied with "puffs".

Sign language teachers say that once a child displays three signs, the rest come fairly quickly. So last night I'm pretty sure he signed "water". It is so great that he can communicate with us and we love the fact that he gets so excited when we get excited.

The next signs we are working on: please, thank you, no, and smart. Airplane, kitty, dog-dog, are also in the works.

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