Sunday, August 05, 2007

Month 13- Lunch with the Cute Morse Girls!

Jeremy's friend from high school and his wife and three daughters came to visit us for lunch from Albany. Derek and Aimee are the proud parents of Ellie (7), Lucy (5), and Amelia (2.5). We had a fun afternoon playing on the swings, slides, in the gravel pit, in the remote control car, and in the water table.

Amelia riding in the car

Carson sporting a faux-hawk after the addition of sunscreen I'm playing in the firepit
I'm serious! I want to be a rock star!
Ellie is making a water fall for Carson
The water table suddenly became a wading pool!
Hopefully Aimee brought a change of clothes for everyone! Amelia is dancing on the water table!
Beautiful girls!Showgirls!

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