Saturday, September 22, 2007

Month 15 - A New Family Toy!

Our newest baby arrived home today! Together with my parents & my sister & her husband, we purchased a 2003, 22' barely used (and I mean BARELY used) Sportsman Ultralite travel trailer!!! We are so excited!! It has a "short queen" bed in the front "bedroom" with two closets and lots of cabinets. There is a four seater dinette and a slide out couch that seats three. It literally slides out electrically from the wall of the trailer. Those both turn into beds at night. It has a tiny bathroom with a toilet, shower/tub, and sink. And it has a tiny kitchen with a double-sink, oven, three burner stove, and built-in microwave!! Outside it has a BBQ that hangs off the side, an outdoor shower, and a huge awning.

We bought it from an older couple that bought it one year ago from the original owners. These people had never even used it even though they bought a bunch of fun attachements for it. The previous owners, from what we can tell, hardly ever used it. There isn't a speck of dirt in it. The oven and BBQ might not have even been used.

We are so excited about the adventures yet to come in this fantastic new addition! We are currently stocking it up with everything we could possibly need camping. Of course, being anal retentive, the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet has already been categorized and delegated between the three families.

Daddy is attaching the outdoor BBQ!
Just the boys working together!
Mommy checking it all out!
View of the kitchen, bathroom, dinette, and couch from the front door.
View of the bedroom, couch, & dinette from the kitchen.
The "bedroom" with a "short queen" which means it is as wide as a normal queen bed but shorter than a double bed!Teeny, tiny bathroom!Carson helping unroll the awning!
Already figuring out how to navigate the steps.

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