Monday, October 08, 2007

Camping in Pacific City!

We took our inaugural trip in our new camper this weekend to Pacific City on the Oregon Coast! Yes, the rainy, windy, wet Oregon coast. Grandpa & Grandma Rader picked this location which on a sunny weekend would have been gorgeous ;-) We made home in the "Thousand Trails" campgroup which also meant Jeremy had to sit through an hourlong presentation during which two seasoned pros tried to convince him why he should become a member.

Needless to say, after overcoming the Starwood pros at the Westin Maui, saying no to these campers was not a problem. The rain came and went but the mist never seemed to be gone. The awning and trailer kept us pretty dry but Carson didn't want to be inside so we all got good and muddy! He didn't love the short hike down to the beach but then neither did we because that's when the gale force winds picked up!

The food was amazing! A yummy lunch in a cafe in Pacific City, fish tacos of course! Extra scrumptious buffalo burgers grilled up on the new BBQ!

One tragedy did occur when I attempted to make apple crisp. For those that know me well, this is no surprise. I don't enjoy cooking and really try to avoid it at all costs. But I'm on a baking spree right now and after one unsuccessful and one successful bath of zucchini muffins, I felt confident and lept into the world of crisp.
The tragedy began with a screaming toddler (whose bum was on fire with a horrible diaper rash), a warm dinner with 4 hungry people, and a clock that was ticking down quickly to afore mentioned screaming toddler's bedtime. Throw in a brand new RV oven whose pilot light had to be lit but did not want to be found quickly and three large, hungry adults and one screaming toddler all trying to squeeze past one another to light that pesky pilot light. In the middle of it all, the smoke detector started screaming (apparently it doesn't like the oven to get too much attention) and amidst the chaos and a novice "crisp" baker, I neglected to add the butter to the crisp. Who knew that this was the critical ingredient that causes a crisp to crisp!
When dinner was finished and we had chased off the grandparents back to their trailer to put Carson down, I discovered that my crisp (after 20 minutes of baking) looked no different than when I put it in. Now stressed because Carson was late to bed (and really needing his sleep), I turned the oven up to broil to REALLY crisp it up. Wrong answer. At the same time I realized the butter was still in fridge (avoiding crispation), I also discovered that we had not packed any pot holders. So now my broiling hot crisp (that was still raw oats and sugar) was stuck in the oven and my son was peaking over at me from his pack'n'play (which was balanced carefully on the dinette that formerly served us as a dinner table) and still not sleeping.
At that point I gave up. Just turned off the oven and begrudgingly admitted defeat. Just add it to the list of things I've cooked that have gone terribly wrong. We ate plain vanilla ice cream for dinner. Here is what we pulled out of the oven the next morning. At least the camper smelled
quite delightful!

Fat guy in a little coat!! We couldn't figure out why this coat looked so small on Carson until we got home and found his current coat hidden behind a toy.

Trying to stay dry!

Home sweet home!

Loving the rain and mud!Trying to sit on the running boards
Carson sat here for at least 30 minutes picking berries. Don't know what kind of berries so he couldn't eat them.
When it rains too hard, we read books!

Too cute!

Brr! It's so cold and windy out here but look it's the ocean behind us!

Time to dump the tanks! Gross!

Grandpa & Grandma Rader at the Tillamook Cheese Factory

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