Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Funny Snow Suit

Last winter when Columbia Sportswear was clearing out their cold weather clothes, I picked up a snow suit for Carson. At the time, it was for wearing in the jogging stroller where no one would see us so I didn't really think that the "bold" pattern was that big a deal. Well I found it in the closet and now that we're attending a public training class, I'm not sure that Carson is going to feel very manly in his suit. You be the judge!

Where are my hands?

This doesn't feel very cool Mom!
But why do I have to wear it?
I guess it is cozy. But are they frogs or aliens?
Why is Mommy in a box?
Sitting in tubs is so fun! Why am I still wearing this suit?
Peekaboo Daddy!

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