Friday, November 30, 2007

Turkey Trot

I just discovered some pictures on our "travel" camera from Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving was a bit of a challenge because the first meal was scheduled smack dab in the middle of Carson's daily nap. So I decided to try to play sleep God and manipulate his schedule to accomodate ours. Here was the plan. Carson and I got up early at 6 am and headed to the Oregon Zoo for the annual Turkey Trot race. I was worried about parking and it was way to hard to keep Carson quiet in the living room while Daddy, Aunt Lori, and Uncle Brian were still trying to sleep so we got to the zoo at 6:45 am. It was only 34 degrees out. BRRRRR!!!!

Toddlers don't keep gloves on so I had to fold over the sleeves of his coat to keep his hands from freezing. Did I mention the race didn't start until 8 am!!! There were supposed to be other people there from Baby Boot Camp, however none of them showed up until 7:45. Carson ran laps at the World Forestry Center to keep warm.

The race started at the Forestry Center, headed down the road to the Japanese Gardens and then back up to the Zoo. We finished the race running all the way through the zoo to the elephant area. Fun but cold. And in the end, our plan for changing Carson's nap time backfired. Instead of waiting until we got home to fall asleep, he fell asleep sometime during the race!?!? So then I had to walk around for another 30 minutes after the race so he could keep sleeping. Oh brother it was cold.

Who is this turkey next to us?
Oh! We're going to eat you later?
Brr . . . Mommy it's cold!
Totally blurry picture but you'll notice Carson doesn't appear to have any hands!
Post race smile! Carson was hidden behind the weather shield so well that he fell asleep warm and cozy!

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