Thursday, November 15, 2007

Worst Mother of the Year- Nominations Accepted

Here are the terrible things I've let happen lately earning me several nominations for Worst Mother of the Year!

#1- I let go of Carson at Trader’s Joes to swipe my ATM card. He took off at top speed . . . heading right for the wine section. I begged the cashier to hurry, hurry, hurry, waiting any minute to hear the sound of breaking glass, wondering how many bottles of wine I was going to have to buy. It felt like forever and I couldn’t see him anywhere. Then I heard a clinking sound. Scribbled my signature on the receipt and ran as fast as I could.

There he was. Unpacking the Charles Shaw wine display. He had carefully pulled down three bottles of wine and lined them up bowling pin style in the aisle. I didn’t know whether to run faster and risk scaring the heck out of him, or slow down and risk him dropping the next bottle. Got there just in time to wisk the bottles out of harm’s reach and saving myself embarrassment and money.

#2 Totally traumatic event last week. Carson fell down with a toy in his mouth (a tube about 15 inches long and ½ inch in diameter). He landed on it, which forced it down his throat!! Had to pull it out. Blood coming out his mouth, gurgling sounds from his throat. And of course, screaming. Almost thought we were headed to the hospital for a puncture of his throat. It was awful!! We kept checking on him during the night while he was sleeping to make sure he was breathing!! He kept waking up in pain so we gave in some Motrin. Seemed to be fine in the morning. Thank God!

#3 He picked up a piece of dog poo on the lawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fortunately he did NOT try to eat it.

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