Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pottery Barn Perfect Christmas

Those who know me well, know I am the ultimate planner. I think and overthink everything ad naseum. So when it became apparent this Christmas that I made a major mistake in November of 2001, I was absolutely flabbergasted. Here's the breakdown. Keep in mind, I've known my entire life that I wanted two children. The entire time Jeremy and I have been married, we have wanted two children.

Nov. 15ish, 2001- Jeremy proposed, I accepted

Nov. 25ish, 2001- I ordered Pottery Barn Christmas stockings. Three to be exact. One for me, one for Jeremy, and one for . . . . the dog. At least that's what we pretended. We both knew that it really wasn't for the dog, but for our future child. I remember the debate we had the day before I ordered the stockings very clearly. I wanted to order the matching tree skirt monogrammed with "The Raders" but we weren't married yet so it was a bit awkward. Jeremy voted no out of principal and cost, my teaching pals talked me into it (they didn't have to try very hard) with the theory of "what if Pottery Barn discontinues" this line, they have to all match!!"

Dec. 2nd, 2001- I opened the UPS box with glee and hung the stockings with care! The tree looked Oh So Beautiful with its matching skirt. And the dog loved her stocking.

Dec. 2nd, 2006- I delivered all three stockings to the local sewing company to match the embossing for "Jeremy" and "Kristin" to add Carson to the infamous third stocking. My mistake was still not apparent to me. Looking back, that is just appalling.

Dec. 11, 2007- Jeremy and I realize at the same time while eating dinner and gazing over our three stockings hung with care. It hit us like a ton of bricks, we only have three matching stockings!! Carson's poor little brother or sister's stocking is going to stick out like a sore thumb. And me being the anal perfectionist that I am, I CANNOT have un-matching stockings!! How on earth could I have overlooked the fourth Rader!! I dropped my fork, pasta and all, and jumped on the computer to save our future Christmases. But alas, just as my shopping savvy teacher pals predicted, the stockings are no longer made. I desperately called the Pottery Barn operators and begged them to look through the warehouse for any extras from 6 years ago. The Christmas weary lady was very polite and talked me down from my ledge, I mean mantel. Rather than replace all four stockings, why not just buy the kids each a new stocking. 2 matching and 2 complimentary matching . . . gasp, breathe, okay, I can handle that. Crisis mostly averted.


  1. beckithenurse9:07 PM

    Does all this mean that we are adding a new Rader sometime SOON????

  2. Yeah but just you're luck you'll have twins? Right?


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