Thursday, December 20, 2007

Santa vs. Carson

One year ago, my dear, sweet son sat patiently in Santa's lap. All was well.

One year later, my dear, sweet son did not get the memo that Santa does NOT eat small children!

For those who have never attempted the infamous Santa picture, here's how it goes down. Unloading Carson at 9:30 am this morning at Washington Square Mall, I noticed a dull roar in the parking lot as minivans zoomed in from all angles. The clicking of strollers being locked in place and high pitched screaming indicated that we were not the only ones trying to visit Jolly Old St. Nick! We raced to the door and captured third pole position between the red ropes. With 30 minutes to go before the white bearded gentleman made his appearance, I used our stroller as a place holder in line and walked around and around the throne set-up to familarize Carson with his surroundings. I still held a small glimmer of hope that this picture might go off without a hitch. Perhaps I should mention that we had just come from Carson's second haircut. It actually went much better than the first but still put him in a less than pleasant mood.

I was a bit grouchy too because in my rush out the door, I realized that Carson's beautiful holiday sweater was still sitting by the front door at our house. All the other mothers looked at him in his Harley Davidson motorcycle shirt and clucked like disapproving hens. I was officially the white trash mommy. Merry Christmas! Too late to do anything about it.

When the jingling of bells signaled Santa's arrivial, all the kids craned their necks and smiled brightly at the sight of the beloved old guy! Even Carson. However the mood quickly went downhill. The first victims, I mean small children, smiled and whispered their wish lists to Santa. However, the second little boy absolutely lost it, despite his brother's good mood. We followed with dimming optimism. Carson was fine in my arms but the second he realized that I was leaving him and ducking behind a camera, all hope was lost. He screamed bloody murder. Flash, snap, and done. I paid my $19.99 and left quickly.

I left so quickly that I got all the way to the parking lot, had loaded up Carson and the stroller, and turned on the car, when I realized that I left the dang pictures with the cashier!! Drat!!!

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