Sunday, December 09, 2007

Zoo Lights!!

We braved the 35 degree weather and headed out tonight in the beautiful snow to see the zoo lights. Carson's long lost twin, Mason, was with us too since his parents were busy moving into their new house. The two boys rode together in the double stroller and loved all of the amazing lights! We stopped for dinner at the Africafe. Grilled cheese and french fries shaped like snowmen & Christmas trees really hit the spot. A troupe of belly dancers (yes, that was not a typo) were the indoor entertainment. They swung their hips to all of the traditional Christmas songs. We weren't sure whether to be mezmorized or just plain confused. The boys LOVED dipping their fries in ketchup and swaying to the music. We had to skip the train ride in order to everyone by bedtime but there's a good chance we'll be back!!
Jeremy pushing the double stroller! He realized that it is the world's worst stroller and now has much more sympathy for me when I use it at Baby Boot Camp on Wednesdays. That's what $50 on Craig's List buys you! Maybe I should have set my limit a tad higher ;-)

Spectacular lights! What? Why does everyone look so scared? Is there something behind us?
Choochoo train!!!
We heard more than one family say, "Oh look at those twins". It was kind of fun and I felt like we got a little more respect than your average "singleton" parent ;-) We actually had so much fun at this meal with both boys. They were making each other laugh, copy catting each other, and flirting with everyone that walked by!
Look at that hippo!
More hippos!Wow! That's a huge alligator!

During dinner we caught the funniest video of Mason eating ketchup! Watch his tounge closely!

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  1. Mason's Mommy2:48 PM

    Thanks sooo much for taking Mason for this funfilled day--and night! Love the pics and video--he looks like a dog eating peanut butter!


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