Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Checking In

Sorry but we haven't taken any new pictures. Well, there was one but I was trying to catch a HUGE nose snot bubble on Carson's face but I wasn't quick enough. So here's an update on everything:

1. Talking- Carson has made major progress in this area in the last week. He's really experimenting with new sounds and trying much harder to mimic us. It's very exciting and we test him all the time. I won't bore you with the list but it's growing daily!

2. Awareness- Speaking of talking, Daddy taught Carson to say "poo poo". At first I was a little annoyed because I thought he was being silly. But as it turns out, Carson loves to point out when we (or any unsuspecting house guest) go into the bathroom, that we are going "poo poo". Or "pee pee" as of late. He is VERY interested in what's going on with the toilet and wants to be right in the action. Sometimes a little too close for comfort. He also is now telling us when he goes poop! He's right about 75% of the time, 15% of the time he actually just tooted, and 10% of the time he just wants the attention. If he really did poop, he runs into his room for us to change him. It's hilarous!

3. Potty training- some of Carson's friends have little potties and with the discovery that Carson knows when he pooped, I started researching potty training. I think we'll wait a few more months but I did run across this hilarious uTube video on the subject. Apparently it's a Japanese potty training video with sub-titles:

4. Daycare- One "good" day, one "sad" day, and one "okay" day. The third day he did manage to sleep for 25 minutes in a crib, which was a major improvement over nothing. He is crying a lot according to his report which is hard to hear but he does seem to have fun. Apparently he cries when other kids' parents come in to pick them up. He even did it when I was there.

5. Aggression- not sure if this is just typical 18 month old behavior or if I can blame daycare but suddenly Carson is getting very aggressive. Pushing, hitting, taking toys away, head-butting, and the infamous "mine, mine mine" is now happening. He got 7 time-outs in 45 minutes last week for being mean to poor Ian. We're working on the concept of sharing, "my turn, your turn" and "walk away" from a situation that upsets you.

6. Tantrums- oh yes, sweet little Carson has reached the tantrum stage. The two most embarrassing ones so far (I'm sure there are more to come). First one was when I had to take away the kid-sized stroller from him at Segals. He came absolutely unglued!! Face down on the floor, screaming with all four limbs flailing. It was awesome! I got him calmed down, or so I thought, and then two minutes later he did it again in the middle of the bank. I left him there screaming while I made my deposit. Got quite a few stares and a few laughs.

7. Cuteness- Last week when Ian was over, Carson woke up first. I couldn't find him and realized he was trying to open the door to the bedroom where Ian was sleeping. It was so cute and frustrating at the same time! He wanted to play with his friend (who he had tormented just hours earlier) and I wanted his little friend so keep sleeping for his own sanity! Then today when Ian was over, Ian woke up first. He played with a toy for about a minute and then walked over to Carson's door and started knocking. I was laughing so hard! Those turkeys!

8. Music class- Carson just started his third semester of music class. His last one was last June or so. I was very worried that he wasn't going to pay attention and I was going to be singing by myself for $150. Much to my surprise, Carson remembered the room and ran right over to the tubs of instruments. He had a great time and his dance moves are getting better and better! The cutest part is when we are in the car, I play the CD of songs for him. When a song ends and it's quiet before the next song, I hear "moh" from the backseat! He wants more songs!

9. Binkie- we had a rough week with daycare, sickness, a night at a friends, and enough other things that Carson had his Binkie for sleeping for almost a week. The mean mommy that I am, I took it away because he really doesn't need it. Unfortunately he had become addicted again and went through withdrawal. It took three nights of crying himself to sleep (no less than 45 minutes) to kill the addiction. Now we're just back to naptime.

10. 18 month dr. appointment- A whopping 27.5 pounds. However his height wasn't quite right. The nurse was very nice but didn't care that Carson kicked right when she marked his leg. So according to her, he is 33.5 inches. Even the doctor thought that was wrong but apparently it isn't important enough to re-measure. We tried to measure him ourselves that night but it's nearly impossible to do!

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