Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthday Party & 1st Trip to Barber

Carson's good friend Ian turned 2 this weekend and we went to his birthday party. It was very hot and we had to dig through the closet to find shorts for Carson. Only two pairs and no sandals! So I get to do some shopping!! Yea!! Finally! After growing out of sizes every 6-10 weeks from birth until 18 months, Carson has slowed down quite a bit in growth. It's nice because clothes last a lot longer! He's had his favorite camo pants for 8 months now. But it also gets boring for me because I don't get to shop and have to dress him in the same old stuff over and over. Now he's switching into the 2T pants and shorts. Unfortunately he inherited his mommy and daddy's super small feet. The three pairs of 7's that I bought for him for spring and summer aren't even close to fitting!! So now we're on the hunt for a pair of 6 sandals that won't cost a fortune.

Anyway, Carson had a fun time at Ian's party and ate about a pound of grapes! He insisted on carrying the present and only stopped to try to open it 4 times ;-)

Carson's 4th haircut took place today at his Daddy's barber shop. He was the perfect little guy, sitting all by himself in the chair on a booster and watched motocross on the tv. Joe, his barber, identified Carson's "challenges" immediately in the form of a strong double-cowlick in back and one in front ;-) The haircut was tear-free and a great success! We are no longer going to the "kiddie haircut" places and now fans of Joe the Barber!

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