Monday, April 21, 2008

First Trip to the E.R.

Not for an emergency but apparently when the pediatric office is closed and urgent care is closed, you have to go to the ER even if just for a minor problem. We were pretty sure Carson had an ear infection and wanted relief for all of us since it involved a lot of crying. The on-call pediatrician didn't give us the option of seeing her during office hours Sunday morning but instead said we should head down to the ER. So three hours later, no ear infection and two prescriptions (but Walgreens was then closed), we weren't really any better off. Fortunately St. V's has a children's section of the ER so we didn't have to wait long in the waiting room with all the other crazies . . . there were some very scary and creepy people there. However, at least there were people to watch. The next two hours were spent in a very small room with a broken DVD player. It was a very, very long two hours. Fortunately, unfortunately I had to meet a client so I left and poor Jeremy was stuck by himself for the last hour!

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