Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sick Days

This is quite possibly the worst sick season I've ever been through. Everyone we talk to has suffered through numerous colds, coughs, and flues. Just as Jeremy was getting over a two week bout with the nasties, Carson came down with it. Since Wednesday, he's had an icky cough and fever. Now it's accompanied by a snotty nose and what appears to be more teeth coming through. It makes for a long, long day of crying and whining . . . oh wait, that's me ;-) No seriously, lots of crying which means lots of tv or movies. It's about the only thing that quiets him down. That, and a LOT of Motrin and Tylenol. Oh, AND, all he eats if fruit any more so on top of it all, he was "stopped up" for two days. That made for more crying and lots of "poo?" comments. Only no poo, just very stinky toots. Poor guy! When he finally passed his "issue", it might as well have a been a fist sized rock! Ouch!!!

Sick bay
Not a happy camper
This makes him happy! Thank goodness for movies!
Daddy didn't want Carson to feel lonely.

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