Monday, May 05, 2008

First Camping Trip of the Season!

We packed up the trailer and headed out mid-day Thursday for our first camping trip of the season! The weather was decent, the food was delicious (with the exception of the Trader's Joes buffalo burgers), and the views were fantastic! Carson slept well other than getting up at 6 am the first day and 5:45 the second day.

Mommy and Daddy enjoying "couple" time with everyone else around the campfire.
Breakfast anyone? Carson has two pairs of pajamas on just in case it got too cold. But the furnace kept us nice and toasty ;-) That's really roughing it!

Family self-portrait
Home sweet home!

Bubbles never go out of style!

Remote control cars are fun from a safe distance!
Chocolate pudding mustache!
This must be why people have more than one kid! Playing happily together!

Happy family!

Funny video #1- Carson was dancing on a rock and as soon as we tried to video tape it, as usual he stopped. But turn up your sound for a hilarious twist!

Another cute video of us playing around!

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