Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Camping at the Beach!

So much fun! Where to start? 180 pictures and 10 videos!

Ft. Stevens campsite was awesome!! Very private visually but very loud with all 550 campsites full with families, screaming kids, and barking dogs. We felt like old farts when we wanted to tell the kids playing kickball at9:30 to go to bed!

Food was so-so. First night was cheesy dogs. Yum. I purposely packed the whole package just in case we had a food fiasco. Thank God! Carson's mac & cheese was decidedly GROSS tasting. Jer blamed it on the "healthy" butter substitute and wheat mac. I promised to start buying regular butter again and regular ol' Kraft MacNCheese. However, our second night of steak and rice pilaf turned into steak and cheesy dogs after the rice came out tasting TERRIBLE. And it tasted just like the mac n cheese. At which point we figured out that we should NEVER cook anything with hose water. We threw out the rice and cooked the back-up dogs. You've heard of surf and turf . . . we enjoyed surf and surf.

Sleeping arrangments: Carson stayed up too late and got up too early! Carson minus sleep is not fun and by the middle of Sunday, we were ready to pack up camp and get him back to bed! The first morning, an alarm went off at 6 am so we were all up whether we wanted to be or not. There was some cursing directed at whatever evil force set off the alarm. We tried very hard to make sure it didn't happen again. However, at 1:30 am the next morning, another alarm went off. Miraculously it didn't wake up Carson or Jeremy. Unfortunately, I heard it and laid there in a panic that it was going to go again. I finally woke Jeremy up so he could suffer as well. I gingerly tiptoed around the camper taking the batteries out of every electronic device I could find.

Bikes: We borrowed a bike trailer from a friend and Carson LOVED riding around in it. MOH MOH is all we heard. Sadly we realized that this was the first time Jeremy and I had ridden bikes together in 10 years!! First time in our entire relationship! It also proved that it had been MANY years for our poor bums and the hard seats from our college bikes. One day of riding was all we could take and we couldn't get back on the bikes the next day! Carson was pissed!

Beach: The best part of all was our morning experience at the beach. I hate to bore you with videos and am trying to only post the funniest ones but it captured our experience perfectly! We had no idea that Carson would do what he did!

First we took off Carson's shoes and socks, rolled up his pants, set him down in the sand. He was not liking it at all.

Slowly he got used to it and then found a puddle. Jeremy let him stick one toe in and then pulled him back. It was all over from there. Here is my first attempt at a slideshow! Turn on the music as the song is pretty cute. I teared up watching it the first time

First exploration of the waves:
Next: The water is getting too fun and Carson is ready to wetter. Only Mommy & Daddy weren't quite prepared for that!

As if he weren't wet enough, Carson decided to dunk his whole head in!

More to follow but it's time for bed now!

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