Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Toes Hurt!

We used to go to the mall a lot to kill time and play in the indoor playground. I popped into Stride Rite or Nordstrom every other month and get his feet measured because they would grow so fast. He was going up a size every few months.

So, last fall I bought three pairs of size 7 shoes from a friend for Carson to use in the spring and summer. They were adorable and cheap and practically brand new! His feet had been growing so fast that I figured it wouldn't be long before he'd be wearing them. Boy was I wrong! He has worn the same three pairs of shoes since last fall.

Since he started "school" in January, I rarely ever take him to the mall. In fact, I was "sizing" his feet by holding up his bare feet to the outside of the new shoes. They always looked huge so I'd put them back.

Thursday in a quick spare minute, I popped into the Nordstrom sale and picked him up a REALLY cute pair of Nikes for cheap! Then I got them home and something didn't quite feel right. Size 7. Strangely his other Nikes were a 6.5. I panicked and dragged him back to the mall with us on Saturday.

Turns out his feet finally grew! He's now a big 6.5 . . . meaning I've been cramming his feet into size 6's for who knows how long!! I feel really, really badly because I've always wondered why he had callouses on the ends of his toes.

Bad mommy!

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