Monday, July 14, 2008

Party Time!

My sweet Grandmother said that this was probably the best birthday party ever for Carson.. . . without any little friends around he got all the attention and he didn't have to share his toys. It helped me feel a little better ;-)

I have to give a HUGE THANK YOU to my wonderful husband who did ALL of the cleaning, inside and out, for this party. I was of little help. Most of my time (other than skewering 25 sticks of chicken and 25 sticks of fruit) was spent trying to keep Carson from crying.

He was on round the clock does of Tylenol & Motrin. The only thing he would eat was ice cream. And he stopped napping. So for three days straight I had to drive him down the block to fall asleep and then wait in the car with the AC on full blast until he woke up.

In spite of "unvitations" we still had a lively crowd of 23 brave our sweltering 100 degree patio party! Apparently concrete reflects and intensifies heat. Yikes!

Digger/construction theme for our excavator lover
Just enough time to change into his party shirt ( but too much crying to get into coordinating shorts.
We ditched the party favors but kept out one hard hat for the party boy!
Quickly traded for his new Bike Helmet!
Very patiently opening presents
Did I mention it was triple digits on the patio!!
Super cool trike but it was clearly too hot and ready for more Motrin

Melt down
Does anyone have an umbrella?
It was about 15-20 degrees cooler down in the orchard. Here is the California clan chilling out!
Finally! Carson's first bike!! ( It's the infamous European glider bike!
Keeping cool in the orchard for dinner!
Cupcakes for a 2 year old
Getting hot again!
Thanks for the WATER BALLONS Nana!
Moh, moh!

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