Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sunriver & Prineville Rodeo 2008

This past weekend we enjoyed three days in Sunriver with temps in the high 90's and the company of our good friends, the Hook's and the Leo's! We attended the Prineville Rodeo, swam in the pool, ate well, drank even better, and enjoyed the silly antics of three 2 year olds!

Between the many cameras and photographers, we ended up with over 500 pictures so it was hard to pick out my favorites. Here is a sampling!

Gourmet meal of stuffed blue cheese burgers, rosmary fingerling potatoes, and pesto pasta salad, done by yours truly! Yep, it's true! I cooked!
Gourmet meal of melon & cheese puffs Watermelon makes a mess!Community bathtime!
Eloise & Carson "roaring" in the tub
First horse ride!!!
Trying to get three toddlers to hold still for a picture was near impossible!
VERY HOT at the Prineville Rodeo!
Miss Eloise entertaining us as usual!
Andrew's the man!
Carson practicing his new stunts. Falling down backward is one!
Best toy ever! A squirt gun!!
Hot daddies!
Sippy cups are for babies!
Rodeo fans!
World's biggest rodeo fan!
World's hottest rodeo fan! The dress unsnapped too easily!
Smile for the princess!
No kids in this picture! Why? Laurel's firm generously paid for a hotel room for the three kids to sleep in while the mommies & daddies attended the rodeo after party!!! Don't worry, there were babysitters in the next room listening on baby monitors! Thanks "the firm"!
Figure out the bouncy toy!
Loving it!
Tire Swings are crazy!
Daddy caught this cool pic!
Attempting the slide at the pool!
Baby pools are nice too!

Too hot for clothes!
Frosting cookies is yummy and fun!
Is there something blue on my hand?
Seriously? This is just messy!
Laurel's scrumptious and beautiful enchilada stacker & spanish rice!
Last dinner together for the trip!
Swim pants also make great hats!
Matching Hawaiian outfits!
Come on! All three at once please!
or not!

Video Time!!
Squirt Gun Experience #1

Carson & the Squirt Gun part 2
Carson's First Horse Ride Part 1

Carson's First Horse Ride Part 2

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