Friday, October 03, 2008

Pump It Up!

Ian, Carson, and I had a playdate at Pump It Up Jr. on Wednesday. Awesome place filled with bounce houses and inflatable slides and obstacle courses. Wednesday's from 3-5 are toddler time so you can only go if you are under 3. Great for the little ones! Sorry most of the pictures are blurry. The boys were runing around at warp speed!

In case you were wondering who Carson's little furry friend is that is in EVERY picture, it's Gonga. My Gonga (furry nose picking, thumb sucking gorilla) from my childhood. Carson entered a phase this week of loving stuffed animals. Each day he's had a new best friend and carries that animal around everywhere. Gonga did not leave Carson's side at Pump It Up and went on every ride. I was fully anticipating having to carry Gonga around once he got abandoned but it never happened!

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